Monday, 20 July 2009

Eto'o will be Inter player tomorrow

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) will be an Inter Milan player tomorrow.

During a meeting between the players's agent Josep Maria Mesalles and Inter officials that lasted three and a half hour - from 6 to 9:30 pm this evening - the positions would have come closer. The deal would be finalized tomorrow.

Catalan sports paper
El Mundo Deportivo claims that Eto'o is asking the same salary as Ibrahimovic, 12 million euro, while Inter would offer 9 million euro plus incentives. Tomorrow, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti would join the negotiations, which could lead to a final deal.

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Barca4Ever said...

Good Bye Etoo, We´ll all miss you..

Btw, Zlatan said in a interview that its a dream for him to play with Messi and that he will gå crazy with Messi by his side :-D

shanewhitehouse said...

bye bye Eto thanks for everything.
and hello ibrahimovic and welcome you legand.lets go mad.:)

barca4life said...

Its getting close now. Have no fear barca fans

Valdes < Casillas
Dani > Ramos
Pique > Pepe
Puyol > Albiol
Maxwell > Marcelo
Toure > Lass
Xavi > Guti/Sneijder/Gago
Iniesta = Kaka
Messi > CR
Zlatan > Benzema
Henry > Raul

And FC Barca > Real Madrid in terms of team play too because our team have been playing under pep for a year already.

Ronaldo knows Paris Hilton better than he does Kaka

Anonymous said...

yea lets get this show on the road,all we need now is cm and cd and get good 2 go.thanxs eto 4 everything but its time to go my friend best wishes.barca4life

Anonymous said...



Marc4barca said...

i think kaka no longer equals iniesta cause of the past few seasons and i know kaka was injured but so too was iniesta and with each passing day the papers both Italy and spain keep raising the price barcelona is supposedly paying +eto and raising the asking price of eto.

i want this deal done before the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

demanding 12m??
fucking greedy man...i'm afraid he spoils this deal.

Sanur said...

Asking 12 million his trying his luck...we know he'll give in to what he really wants which is much lower than 12 million.

Eto'o will leave in peace don't worry. I can't wait for Zlatan to arrive. I just hope the fans are given the opportunity to say their farewell to Eto'o and I hope he realises that dispite the differences that leads to him leaving that fans will always love him and he will be welcomed to the Camp Nou with open arms everytime he visits except of course if we play Inter.

Anonymous said...

and when will ibra be barcelona player ??

Marc4barca said...

that might not be far away as barcelona are considering inter for the joan gamper trophy. we could face eto as early as august.

Anonymous said...

IMO a deal is already reached between Barca & Zlatan, maybe not every single detail (i don't know, tickets, housing, car..), but duration & salary+bonus is. We all know, even the biggest eto'o fans, that eto'o's side of the equation is the most difficult one.

Eto'o is good, but he can't turn a game around on his own.. I can't remember one game where he did that. Ok, if you score 30-40 goals a season, you're important and a hell of a striker.

But as a barca-fan, i must admit, he can't turn a game around on his own. Messi can, Zlatan can, Iniesta can, Kaka can, Ronaldo can, Kun can, Ribery can, gerrard can, Torres can..

Anonymous said...

Adding: so for him to demand 12 mill is too much.. I don't know if he asked barca the same salary, but it would help to understand the board's position in their support of Pep.

koko=barca said...

Thank you eto'o. We are grateful for everything you did in Barca. we will never forget your goals and the passion you had for the game. Please remember Barca for the good things

barca4life said...

They asked for 12 inter offered 9 They will meet in the middle. Moratti will be at the talks tmrw so he will smooth things out just as Laporta went to ensure that things went smoothly when we were signing Dani Alves. Moratti intends to sign Etoo and let Ibra go perhaps as a sign of gratitude to zlatan for bringing inter 3 straight scudettos. He reportedly said "I'm sure Etoo will join us in the end" so he is prepared to make a deal happen.

downcast97 said...

all of you Barca fans, expect a new tough scary full of magic Barca next season with Messi, Henry, Iniesta Xavi and Ibrahimovic. Thank you a lot Eto'o, you gave Barca a lot, and you have won some much trophies with Barca. Barca gave you a lot as well, now time for a new challenge. It is the time of Ibrahimovic.

Anonymous said...

i just hope Zlatan arrives in Barca tomorrow.. would be nice!

Hilal said...

If anybody here isnt already excited enough about the possible arrival of one Zlatan then this should really get you going:

Anonymous said...

Ibrahimovic will bring Bosnian passion and magic to Barca. Many hapy moents too.

ochtane7 said...

Farewell Eto'o, tears,will miss bro.Thanks for everything.

tero said...

Iniesta is way better than Kaka hell of a season coming with these players,although I'm still not very pleased with this transfer (but that is a different story)

zealot said...

C'mon anony, Eto'o can't turn the game around by himself????????????

Remember our most recent UCL final match against ManU??????

You must have been sweating to death for the first 10 minutes seeing Ronaldo and Co. bombarded Valdes' goal, until somebody scored for us, and we completely controlled the match after that goal. Please remind yourself, WHO SCORED THE DECISIVE GOAL FOR US???????

Sorry for getting emotional :)

Anonymous said...

who gave him the pass to score that goal? we can play this game all day. but to clarify a few things, i do not hate etoo, in fact he was one of my favorite players until he started acting weird. but even then i liked him simply because he hated madrid.

but the way some people are acting regarding his sale is inexcusable. it's one thing to not want etoo to be sold, it's a totally different thing to start bashing management. all that does is cause people to lose faith in an important part of the team.

etoo did a wonderful job when he was here. but he wasn't superman. he was doing what he was getting paid to do. if anyone here thinks etoo won games by himself then they are kidding themselves. So let's not make it seem like the team is heading towards oblivion simply because etoo is leaving because it's not.

if you are an etoo fan and not a barca fan then you should be happy for him since he's going to get paid more in italy. but if you consider yourself a barca fan first and foremost then you should work on creating a positive atmosphere free of controversy.

SJP said...

you cant say ANY player won a game on his own, not messi and certainly not ibra or ronaldo, but you cant argue that etoo scored two desicive goals into two huge matches.
these are the momnets i am going to remember of etoo, will go down as a legend of the club. shame how things all came to an end but hopefully there will be no bad blood. wish him all the best at inter, unless they are playing us, and really hope zlatan lives up to the hype he has been given here.

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