Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The contract of Ibrahimovic

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has already reached a principal, verbal agreement with Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27).

Barcelona, that would pay Inter Milan a transfer fee of 45 million euro° and would include Barcelona players Samuel Eto'o (permanently) and Aleksandr Hleb (on loan) in the deal, offers Ibrahimovic a five-year contract worth 9 million euro a year. The buyout clause would be 150 million euro.

Ibrahimovic would get less money than he got at Inter, but this would be compensated by the lower taxes in Spain (23 vs 42 per cent) and the duration of the contract (one more year than his Inter contract). Barcelona player Lionel Messi would stay the best paid player of the squad.

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Byronic said...

I have no doubt that Ibra will be great, and Eto'o will perform great in Italy.. however it hurts a little to see him go, and it stings a little more since were giving up that much extra cash in this transfer.

I definitely see the need for new blood and a striker that can break the "bus parking".

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Let us smoke some teams next year. If Guardiola is to be believed, Ibra will be a huge success because the Swede was his first choice striker even whom he preferred over Villa. This is going to be great.

Anonymous said...

and 45 million euros? ahhh thats a little excessive.. he is a good solid CF but for his age it seems that we are getting the wrong end of this exchange

Anonymous said...

What an outrageous deal, this is very much a fee on par with the C. Ronaldo deal. We are letting inter get away with murder with this one. Zlatan better be the best striker FC Barcelona has ever had because hes certainly the most expensive.

Anonymous said...

What kind of moronic conclusion is that? that's like saying whatever Ibra does then cristiano will have to double in order for madrid's purchase to be a positive one then. If ibra scores 25 goals then ronaldo will need to score 50.

go home madridista!

tero said...

Ronaldo only has his ego and earrings

skanjos said...

isnt messi getting 8,5 a year?if ibra gets 9per year isnt it more?

Don Luis said...

Can't deny that CR is a hell of player.
You guys know u want CR in Barcelona. I would for sure.

Imagine Messi and CR at the wings.
No one will stop them. Not Maldini and Beckenbauer in their primes.

SJP said...

maldini would laugh in ronaldo's face as he sat on the ground having one of his tantrums! he is possibly the most over-rated player in history, the only world class aspect of his game is his heading ability. now he is out of united's team you'll see that he was (in a united fan i know own words) "the icing on the cake". just my opinion.

as for this deal he better be bloody worth it coz that is a ridiculous fee for a player who hasnt won anything and is unproven in our league. that insideknowledge guy said the money was closer to 15-20mil, still excessive but at least reasonable.

what funds would we have left if this does go through for this price?

Barca>madrid said...

FC Barcelona takes care of messi they gave him a raise when the made him #10 he gets something like 10mil euros now......he deserves it unquestionably loyal to Barca

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