Friday, 10 July 2009

Manchester City drops out of Eto'o race

English Premier League club Manchester City has put out an statement on their official website stating that they're not longer interested in Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (28).

The official statement reads as follows: "Manchester City has confirmed that it has ended its interest in bringing Samuel Eto'o to the football Club.

Speaking about the matter, club CEO, Garry Cook said, 'Samuel Eto'o is undoubtedly a fine footballer but the circumstances surrounding him were such that the deal could not be completed. We now feel the time is right to pursue other avenues and we have a clear and strategic transfer plan, which we continue to follow.' "

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Engineer said...

I don't like how this situation is unfolding..

I'd love for Eto'o to continue if the relationship between him and the club were positive, but as you all know it's not.

Hurts for me to say this, but,
Uzbekistan, where are you?

Anonymous said...

So Mesalles lied after all huh? He said during his press conference that if Barca doesn't count on Eto'o he can find an agreement with Manchester City no problem. Now he's rejected Barca's extension offer and also rejected Manchester City's offer. His plan is more and more clear.

thebackseatstrangler said...

you're too quick. i just posted that on another post.

what happens now? acmilan? would they want to team him up again w/dinho after all that happened.

trez said...

Who says he rejected? Seems more like City is fed up with the situation between Barça and Eto'o and don't want to lose more time.

Mesalles said they were willing to cooperate if Barcelona wants him to leave, but cooperate doesn't mean accepting anything he has been offered.

fcbee said...

It's Man United or nothing now. With Ronaldo gone, they should have some salary left, and with the 94 million... Tevez and Ronaldo gone, you cannot fill that gap with Owen.

Carrer de Corsega said...


Anonymous said...


Of course he rejected. Look at the facts.

Barca wants to sell him, Man City wants to buy him. Man City made an offer to Barcelona that Barcelona was more than happy to accept. The only person that could possibly reject the proposal is Eto'o.

You're talking about the reasons why it rejected, not WHO rejected. If Eto'o is mad at Barcelona and wants to hurt them by delaying everything that's the same as rejecting the Man City offer which is time sensitive.

barca4life said...

So what does this mean? No 30 million from etoo. How does this affect our budget. Also if etoo has decided to leave where is he going?

NouBarca said...

The "Indomitable Lion of Cameroon", pleas have mercy on this lot. They need this £25M to buy Villa, Mascherano, Cesc, Bastos and Filipe. Once we get the money, we can buy all these talents. So, please go already!!

trez said...

It's how you want to look at it, Anony...

barca4life said...

Uhm how can you decide in your mind that etoo rejected it? Man City said before they were fed up with waiting. Its more likely that they want to complete their transfers in a timely fashion unlike us who seem to want to be spending in a panic the day before the transfer window closes.

Anonymous said...

The problem with AC Milan is that they got rid of their highest wage in Kaka. They've been looking left and right to cut costs by signing free players. They would probably only offer 15 million euros and a 6 million contract for Eto'o.

Raise or no raise Barcelona's 7.5m offer is 1m more than anyone else will give Eto'o besides Man City.

Anonymous said...

@barca4life, USE LOGIC.

Man City are tired of waiting because Eto'o won't accept a transfer to them, that's why they're fed up.

Who rejected it then if not Eto'o? Barcelona doesn't want him, Man City wants him. Who rejected it then?

If Eto'o were willing to accept Man City how could any problem between Eto'o and Barca stop the transfer?

Eto'o won't accept Man City, that's the delay. That's the same as Eto'o not accept our extension offer, it's the same as a rejection.

barca4life said...

So if david villa is going to be as difficult as we think it is and etoo gets no extra money from man city and ac milan will offer him a paycut and man utd making no concrete offers for him could we see etoo stay?

barca4life said...

Uhm how is etoo rejecting anybody by not answering until after his vacation? You are speculating wildly and have no real proof to back it up.

Anonymous said...

Wait, so now it's Eto'o doesn't want to answer until his vacation? I thought the reason was problems between Eto'o and Barcelona? You're the one who's speculating. Why do you think Eto'o has an agent? All players are on vacation now, yet transfers are going on, funny how that works eh?

If you don't agree that Eto'o rejected the offer. Can you at the very least admit that Eto'o won't accept Man City? If Eto'o were willing to accept Man City the deal would be done by now.

thebackseatstrangler said...

acmilan got dinho for a wholesale price...i couldn't imagine his wage demands being that much more than r10's :O/

Carrer de Corsega said...

I just hope he doesn't end up at United now. If we thought Ferguson letting Pique go was stupid, wait 'till you hear it about us letting Eto'o go the other way. I would not want to face him in the CL.

NouBarca said...

Well, let every man decide his own future. If he doesnt want to go to city, that shows he puts his pride before money an dalot of people called him greedy. money aint all to him then.

Anonymous said...

@Carrer de Corsega

I agree, I wouldn't want him to join United and play against us.

I hope maybe he has a change of heart and somehow decides to sign Barcelona's extension. However I think he's too caught up with trying to fight Barcelona and thinking up ways of getting his 'respect' to actually sign an extension or make a good transfer.

Anonymous said...


That's fine, that's his right. If his agenda is to force his way to a club that doesn't benefit Barcelona, that's his prerogative.

I just don't understand Eto'o defenders who can't even admit the basic facts, as if everyone has a grudge against Eto'o. It's clear he doesn't want to go to Man City for one reason or another, something his agent said a week ago would be no problem.

barca4life said...

Uhm etoo's agent said he wont say anything about his future until he returns from vacation. How on earth did that turn into etoo rejected man city? When Man City themselves have stated that they are frustrated at how slow the process was moving. I have no idea if he rejected them or not but i think its more that they dont want to wait. Which teams comes out and announces it is ending its interest in a player if the player rejects them?

NouBarca said...

Anon, I know we need this £25 to buy all our targets, but Melo was meant to join Arsenal, then Juve, then no one knows who again. Tha fcat that his agent said they would consider City move did not guarantee it. Filipe is meant to be our player, but eh? it fell through. so Nothing is certain. For whatever reason, they feel its no longer right for them to move to city.

Anonymous said...

Delaying = rejecting. The offer is there, the club wants to sell, the other club wants to buy. The only person they're waiting on is Eto'o.

I guess no transfers go on during vacation time? The whole transfer period is during vacation time prior to pre-season training.

His agent clearly said if Barcelona didn't want him he would negotiate with Man City no problem. You guys have been pretty adamant that Barca wants to force out Eto'o. So why isn't he negotiating with Man City? It's been weeks and weeks.

Anonymous said...


Like I said, that's fine if he changed his mind and doesn't want to go to Man City (his reasons are his reason).

However barca4life can't even admit that Eto'o doesn't want to Man City. He wants to say that Man City took the offer away so later on Eto'o can claim the moral high ground 'I didn't have any offers so I'm staying to play out my contract.'

It's like the Filipe deal. We set a deadline, Deportivo doesn't accept. Do you want to say Deportivo didn't reject the offer? Barcelona withdrew the offer? It's all semantics, Deportivo by not responding, essentially rejected the offer.

NouBarca said...

Well maybe City isnt his preffered destination. The fact that we want him out is bad enough, why "help" him chose his new home? let him do that.

Carrer de Corsega said...

I hate this sort of pointless bickering.

Bottom line is that he cannot go to City anymore for one reason or another. Club has to find new solutions now.

trez said...

1. Eto'o's agent didn't say they would wait until the vacation was over. He didn't comment on that.

2. He said they would co-operate if Barcelona want him out but (1) they don't want him out, they want to renew him, and (2) that doesn't mean he has to accept ANY offer by ANY club.

3. In fact we're still waiting for his answer to Barcelona's renewal offer.

And delaying is not rejecting here, I think. I mean, how can Eto'o know City will drop out if there's still more than 1,5 month to go this transfer summer?

Marws said...

Who cares why it didn't work out? The problem remains. I understand why Eto'o wouldn't want to go to Man City. It's not a good club and not even compeating in the CL. Not even in the UEFA cup! Ofcourse he doesn't want to go from Barcelona, the treble winners in Spain, where he was the best scorer in the league for Barca, to a team like Man City!

He has been treated bad in Barca, and some of that might be his own fault, but I understand that he wants to leave. He knows that he is a great player and ofcourse wants to play his last years as a top player in a big club, who appreciates him.

I really hope United, Milan or any other big club wants him. He deserves it, and Barcelona deserves being able to sell him for a reasonable price too.

Anonymous said...


I agree with most of what you said except...wasn't there an article just yesterday stating that Mesalles convened to Barcelona's management that he will not accept the extension offer and that he has decided to leave the club this year?

Anonymous said...

There's not 1.5 months...Preseason training starts in 1.5 weeks. Most clubs have finished a majority of their transfer activity.

Eto'o has been stringing Man City along for over a month now, of course they were going to drop out.

trez said...

That's an article, that's no statement. The paper claims it.

"Most clubs have finished a majority of their transfer activity."

Oh, come on, we didn't even start yet. And several clubs still have to move. Real Madrid has hit quick and strong, but there will be more transfers in the coming 1,5 month than in the past 1,5 month, I'm quite sure.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely, there could be a ton of transfer activity still. But it's not like the window just started. Man City's interest has been there a long time.

For comparison, last year by this time we had already presented Keita, Pique, Pinto, Dani Alves, Caceres, and agreed to a Hleb fee (not signed yet).

Anonymous said...

Pep, could you please clarify us with where the Pep senior(lol) is currently... I hope he returns to Barcelona as soon as possible and clears up all the mess. I wish some one takes an initiative for another vote of confidence for the current board. That way at least the situation would n't be static anymore. This is really getting totally out of hands :(

Carrer de Corsega said...

Haha vote of confidence?! Do you know what the fuck you are talking about?

Anonymous said...

Pep's on holiday.

Anonymous said...

Vote of no confidence for a board that just had the best season in club history? God we have some dumb fans.

barca4life said...

I remember etoo's agent saying that he will not comment on barcelona's offer until he returns from his vacation. I guess I must be going senile. But Go ahead, have your witch hunts and accuse etoo of being the devil if that makes you feel better.

barca4life said...

With man city now pulling out of the etoo deal barca are officially in shambles during this transfer window. We have made villa our obsession as calderon made ronaldo his last season and we have not strengthened our squad one bit from last season. I pray we dont pay a heavy price next season for laporta and the board's disgraceful actions this off-season.

Don Luis said...

Manchester City were the only team willing to pay his wage.

i guess only Manchester United can pay his transfer fee. But he would probably have to take a pay cut.

Its either Manchester United or he stays.

Don Luis said...

Vote of confidence?

Kid do us and yourself a favor by not supporting Barcelona anymore. You're making your self look like an idiot.

Xaviniesta said...

vote of confidence? are you guys for real? you dont just call a vote of confidence on matters like these even if you think "its making a laughing stock out of the club" (to quote).

as for whether man city got rejected or not, i read somewhere they gave eto'o some sort of deadline for accepting, 48 hours if i recall. could be true, could be just rumour. still it stands that there was an offer irregardless of what mestalles claimed, proof of which is its withdrawal. whether eto'o verbalised his refusal or simply chose to ignored it, its still rejection. if he was even remotely interested he would have dispatched his agent or authorized the club to speak with man city, something he hasnt done, that means he has no intention of going there.

someone asked: "which teams comes out and announces it is ending its interest in a player if the player rejects them?"

answer: Man City

remember not too long ago how they also withdrew their bid for kaka? it was cos they were rejected. only difference is, with kaka (thru his people/club) they were told them directly while in eto'os case there appears to have been no communication whatsoever. but its the same as with kaka, he's not interested and can anyone blame him. etoo would prefer a pedigreed club, his pride demands it.

Anonymous said...

I sure know the vote of no confidence is not initiated for silly reasons like these... Just wanted to post some satirical comment to lighten up the atmosphere. BTW loved the way every body was so annoyed just at the mention of a vote of no confidence :)
P.S. It was me who was posting all those comments on how no one should use harsh words against Laporta who IMO is the most successful president at the club. GOD i need to create an account as early as possible.

Carrer de Corsega said...

So you love to annoy people? Why don't you go ahead and NOT make an account as early as possible. We need proper discussions here...

Xaviniesta said...

@anon, of course you were kidding. you did sound like a proper joker to me :D

Barca Brn said...

I can only blame Laporta and Txiki for this...They kept Eto'o's pride on the line by offering him to clubs in a very cheap and unprofessional manner and now he's asking for revenge...and I dont blame him for that, I would of done the same thing If I was him.

Anonymous said...

self-lover samuel etoo.

per said...

Well, that's not good. Who's gonna buy him now?

Anonymous said...

let's only hope manu gonna buy him.

IBES said...

LOL @ those blaming Laporta. No one wanted to buy Eto'o last summer because he was injured and was crap for the last 2 years. On top of that, he asked for alot of money. He didn't want to talk to the team during the season and guess we all know why. He wants the big pay check but no one is crazy enough in these bad economic times to give him what he wants (Even Villa is signed, he will be making less than what Samu wants)

Now, he wants even more money that his club and other clubs, Liverpool already said no, think is a bit too much. 10 mil and tax difference?

Eto'o needs to get over himself. He can expect to get the Saviola treatment of training by himself and not being picked to play if he thinks he can force his way to play.

Pep already made it clear that he does not want him and I don't blame him. He got most of his goals served on a silver platter and when he faced tough defensive teams, the offense stalled and it looked like 10 players were out there.

It's nothing personal, just business. Eto'o is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen and the team doesn't want his disruptive attitude anymore.

Nice to see the hypocrite once again change his mind. He won't make a decision till he speaks to Pep. Now, he makes the decision without talking to Pep. Last summer he said he would hold a press conference to say what's on his mind, and then kept quiet.

Thanks for the goals and memories and dedication to stay in shape and fit but time for a change and he has to go elsewhere.

Exarch said...

I just wish we can get some money for him. There is denying his achievements, but as a person he really has issues.

Please don't ruin ur legacy at Barca!! said...

this is really abd news for both Barca and Eto'o

who else is going to pay him £200k a week ? he was going to be the highest paid palyer in the world

Barca may not get as big a transfer deal from another club either, maybe Man Utd ? said...

"Hurts for me to say this, but,
Uzbekistan, where are you?"

or maybe Vietnam ? Denilson no longer at Xi Măng Hải Phòng

ngoundere said...

At least Anonymous has demonstrated some respect today. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that Etoo is worth more than what you always claimed he was.

TengkuAmir10 said...

If we can't get Villa,then we are doomed!!!

And backseatstrangler,you r just gay.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

situation like

barca case
barca wants to sell etoo or he accepts the renewal with same pay confirmed by club

man city case
man city wanted etoo but cant believe the transfer would take place either due to players wages or player want champions league football that would only be the case coz laporta himself said mancity has offered mamoth or astronomical bid means they r ready to sell etoo at that price than letting him go for free next season

etoo case
etoo wants high wages which barca are not offering so he is not renewing uptill now

he either wants high wages from man city or champions league football so he is rejecting them or else he would have gone there

other option is he wants to play in top clubs but then his wage demand

barca wants to sell etoo or keep him with renewal for same pay which will be good for them

etoo wants high wages so not signing renewal
wants cahmpions league football so rejected man city

but then why is he not lowering his high wages if wants to play in champions league so big clubs can get him
R10 accepted cut on his share for transfer to milan even though mancity was offering high wage and bid so we accepted milans offer. many footballers do the same to reach there desired destination in cases like this

etoo agent says they will decide after etoo holidays are over so his holidays are getting over after trasnfer season so he reamaning with us
first of all agent are there for this job in transfer season how can he say after wards
.. the dealying thing is equal to saying no as bayern says 80m for ribery or cruzero says pay buyout clause for atletico madrid players
same is the meaning of high saleries
coz no club is going to agree to etoo saleries and if he delays saying on vacation all clubs will look of other options as we look for forlan in case of villa
thts why man city rejected him
and etoo wants to go for fee agent so he can join milan most probaly for free!!!!!!!1

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