Saturday, 18 July 2009

Barcelona still looking for central defender

Asked about the transfer summer, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain has said at a press conference yesterday that, besides a centre forward, Barcelona is still looking for a central defender:

"We're also working on signing a centre-back. If we can sign someone, fine. If we can't, nothing happens. Henrique will also be around.

We're aware that everything has to calm down. During two weeks we have seen mad transfers and fees and now we want everything to calm down first. If the market offers us more options to sign players, we'll do that. We would like to have some more new faces before 27 July. We'll do what we can but it will also depend on the exits and that's not easy either. We're a buying club and we have players with high wages for whom it's not easy to find another club."

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Aussie Barca Fan said...

I would have thought a LW would have been a bigger priority but since we are breaking the bank to get Ibra there wont be many funds left.

Ljubo said...

I see abidal in great shape next season, he`ll be the first choice.

Please can anyone tell me this: I am a memeber of fc Barca and i want to buy 4 tickets for el clasico 29.11. Is it possible to buy 4 tickets or the limit is 2? And second how good are my chances to buy tickets anyway on 1.9. at 10:00 a.m. when sale begins?

Loos said...

I think a reliable CB is a requirement now! Especially that Caceres is leaving, and nothing is clear on Milito's situation! I would say we can not count on Milito, at least at this time, to get back and become a starter again! So even if Henrique is back, we still need a CB.

The defense setup would be:
RB: Alves, Henrique, Puyol/Muniesa
CB: Marquez, Pique, Puyol, {NEW PLAYER}, Henrique, Muniesa
LB: Abidal, Maxwell, Puyol

Total of 9 defenders. I'm not sure what would happen with V. Sanchez!

Anonymous said...

To Ljubo,

The best way to ensure you get tickets is to grab one of your friends (out of the other three that will join you at the game), go to the stadium on 1.9 at 7:30 am, and stay in the line. If you do that, I guarantee that you will get tickets for Clasico. Good luck.

diegonel messidonna said...

whats goin on with keirrison... havent heard from him in a couple days... really hope he joins... anyone have any updates?

Barca nerd-fan said...

We don't need another defender even if we loan out Caceres, which I don't want to see. Next year's defence should be Puyol, Marquez, Pique, Milito, Herique and Caceres. If the Ibra deal goes through(but I don't want Hleb to go on loan),we should concentrate on signing a CM because we don't have enough CM at the moment. What should happen is we sell Gudy, keep Hleb and we should have got Melo before Juventus did. But looking at other options, I would like to see Veloso who would only cost 10-14mil, another option would be Gourcuff.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Veloso can play, DM and CM. So when Yaya is away for the ACN, Veloso can play as DM.

Loos said...

Any update on Milito's injury! Can he be counted upon next season!
As for Caceres, he seems to be leaving! Anyways, I would not miss him much as he was not able to provide a good show last season!
If we get a good CB, such as Bruno Alves, in addition to Henrique, this would make it: Puyol, Pique, Marquez, B. Alves and Henrique for CB, which looks much safer to me than including Milito and Caceres!

As for midfield, Melo was a perfect signing! very strong and promising and would get very well with Barca's way of playing!

Loos said...

With whom Veloso plays now!

barca nike said...

Sporting Lisbon from Portugal, Loos.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Melo has gone to Juventus though...

SJP said...

if we are spending excessive funds on ibra AND loaning hleb then i would say i CB isn't a priority as we need a versatile CM, preferably who can play on the wings to cover messi, basically hleb! finacially the ibra transfer, if it is the figures being talked about, does not make sense, we sacrifice two positions and the majority of our transfer budget for one player. the etoo aspect of ibra deal is perfect, but why not just sell him to inter for 15mil, get villa to pay the extra of his transfer (an amazing gesture in these times of 12mil a year wages) and pay 42mil for him, leaving enough for a CB and a CM.

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

wait did some1 say Ribery?

Keenan said...


WE GOT BUSQUETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashu said...

its really ridiculos that Barca are swapping ETO for IBRA +40 Million + dolars.In dont agree the difference in quality etween those two is that much more over eto is a setteled player in the team and i am sure if they can offer inter this offer they could have sold Eto to man city and offered 50 million what Valencia demand for the amount they are signing Ibra they could have got Villa and Silva both from Valencia.central defender is not a problem.My dream Barca team for the season would have been


Alves Puyol Pique Santos/maxwell


Silva Ineista

Messi Henry/Ribery



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