Sunday, 7 June 2009

Barcelona considering how to get Forlan

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Atlético Madrid forward and Uruguay international Diego Forlán (30), to have a back-up for Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) if the latter stays or to replace him if he leaves (read more here).

Barcelona would want to offer Forlán a three-year deal paying him a bit more than he's now earning at Atlético but doesn't want to pay the 36 million euro° buyout clause Forlan and is therefore considering other options.

A straight swap with Eto'o seems impossible since Eto'o doesn't plan to leave and Atlético Madrid could unlikely pay the salary Eto'o is asking. Another option would be to offer Atlético Madrid 20 million euro° cash plus a two-year loan of Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18).

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pep said...

20 million euro =

27 million us dollar
17 million british pound

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I don't want him. He is has reached his peak and will offer nothing new to the team.

tero said...

Forlan would be a major flop.Why should we buy 30-year old striker with huge money when we have Bojan?

Messi108 said...

If u've followed his performance yesterday you ll know he didnt have 1 shot on target. Absolute waste when we have Eto'o who is not jus younger but technically more talented and in sync with Barca system.

Ondra said...

Whoever but Forlan. Benzema, Ibra, Dzeko would be great, Villa would be ok, but Forlan is too old and expensive.

2nd option said...

forlan is good for back -up.. i think we should go for 20mil+bojan. i know many will disagree but i say this because we play a 4-3-3 formation in which 1 striker is needed but if we buy forlan n etoo, henry n bojan stay, then we'll have have 4 players for CF postition(thought henry will also serve as a back up on left wing)

James said...

20 million for a think that's a good idea? That's most of our budget.

Our budget for transfers this year is 30 million + revenue from sales.

Last year even when we splashed all that cash we only spent 40 million if you factor in the revenue from sales.

SJP said...

he's a good player and obviously adept at playing in la liga but his age means that he shouldn't be a viable option. i still don't see why we aren't interested in aguero anymore, i think he would be perfect as he could be option for CF but also be the LWF, we need a striker who can play wide in that position not mid as we need to get goals from there.

the midget arguement doesn't hold much weight after this season as pretty much every team 'parked the bus' and we won the treble. buy aguero, loan bojan, keep etoo for two years then bring back bojan, also get kerrison or llorente to give us other option.spend big on aguero not ibra or ribery

el fuego said...

there are a lot younger and batter players than forlan. and forlan is too expensive.

Anonymous said...

He would be a good sub but not for that much money. Make Bojan our LW he plays better there and that way, we wont have the problem of having Wingers that don't score goals like Silva. Keep Henry and buy another Striker like Dzeko or Llorente. That way we will have the most versatile attack in the world. Bojan can play RW when we need him to and Henry can take the LW position, and if Eto'o is out we use Llorente or Henry or even Bojan.

Bojan - Eto'o/Dzeko - Messi


Henry/Iniesta-Dzeko/Bojan/Henry-Buy another RW or use Pedro and Iniesta there. Also consider keeping Hleb for more depth.

sashi said...


Anonymous said...

Villa is the most complete and best striker in the world ive wanted barca to get him for years now he is fast the best finisher freekick taker he unlike eto'o can give assists and he gives his heart out to the team and is loyal

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