Saturday, 13 June 2009

Picture of the day: Lorenzo

MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo will race tomorrow in the Catalunya Grand Prix with a Yamaha in Barça colours.

The Majorcan born rider, a well-known Barça supporter, has completely covered his motorbike with the Barça shield. Including his GP suit, bike, gloves and helmet, Lorenzo will be displaying 19 Barça shields at the Montmeló circuit.

"I carry Barça in my heart. I had a little dream, to be able to compete with the Barça colours, and now I've been able to make it a reality. The idea was to paint the whole bike and suit but FIAT has shares in Juventus and they weren't exactly keen on it being all in Barça's colours."

watch more pictures here


Anonymous said...


Iurisimo said...

wow nice :))

Athul said...

Ohh...I used to support Pedrosa(who is also a Catalan).

Now i've got to switch to Lorenzo[:D]

Anonymous said...

Awesome, too bad he couldnt make the bike completely blaugrana

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