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[2008] Meeting between Milan and Eto'o

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Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that AC Milan president Adriano Galliani met on Friday in Barcelona with José María Mesalles, the agent of Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (27) to discuss the transfer of the player.

Barcelona would have given their authorization for the meeting, in which Milan adviser for the Spanish market Ernesto Bronzetti also participated. The latter confirmed the meeting in an interview with Italian television channel Sky Italia.

Milan offered the Cameroonian striker a four-year contract worth 7 million euro a year. The agent of Eto'o wants 8 million euro but both parties left the meeting with a good feeling and negotiations are expected to go on in the coming days.

While Galliani declared earlier this week to journalists that Milan had a list of five names (Adebayor, Berbatov, Drogba, Eto'o and Gomez), Eto'o would now be the clear favourite to become their centre forward next season and with Chelsea representative Pini Zahavi presumably having offered Eto'o a year salary of 10 million euro, Milan would want to close a deal soon.

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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

It would be the most stupid thing to let Eto'o go away. I'm scared that they will sell him and buy another old&used player-that would be Trezeguet for 20+ mio euro. That would be the same mistake like buying Henry. Instead of this, they (Barca board) should give him life-time contract. Also, Bojan MUST stay and the chance must be given to him to prove his worth. Selling Giovani was mistake, he should've been loaned for a year to get some experience.

If they have to sell R10 and Eto'o the most proper thing would be buying Spanish pair Villa-Silva or French pair Ben Arfa-Benzema. But as I can see, Hleb will come next week and that would be mistake as much as buying Keita. Just no more than wasting money. You have to buy big.

P.S. Pep, please answer at my comments "deal on Mancini"&"deal on Trezeguet". THX

Anonymous said...

The problem with Eto´o is that all his succes seem to have gone to his head.

I think we will only get problem from him if we keep him.

But dont sell him for less than 40mil €. He is still one of the better strikers in Europe.

For the money we get from Ronaldinho and Eto, we should buy Silva (20 mil) and new world class striker.

There should be around 40 mil € available for that.

Anonymous said...

You this stupid guy that always think negatively about Eto. You are the most stupid and making an idiotic comment that his success seems to have gone into his head. Some of you are sleeping on your swallow brains.

Anonymous said...

If I was Barcelona I would wait patiently to see what happens with Drogba's future first. Once he moves it could start a domino effect on strikers. Also, it would in effect put Chelsea at the front of the line for Eto'o's services. And I know Chelsea is capable of offering much more money in return than AC Milan for Eto'o's services. I wouldn't be opposed to offering Chelsea Eto'o and Ronaldinho for say, 60mil Euro.

That's a lot more money than Milan would ever offer for the pair! Heck, for 80mil I'd sell Eto'o, Deco, and Ronaldinho to Chelsea in a heartbeat! I'd take half of that money and make my strongest push yet to get Benzema from Lyon. 40mil Euro + Crosas for Benzema, "take it or leave it" Lyon!

Anonymous said...

Think about it. There has to be a reason that we would let such a striker go. Sometimes, a player is just too destructive to keep, no matter how talented. From the angry display at the last Nou Camp match to the head-butting of the journalist, Eto'o is a problem child. You can get another striker to score almost as many goals, without the headaches. We should definitely get paid for him, and we will. But go he must. Guardiola doesn't seem inclined to put up with that sort of nonsense.

mark said...

eto is good,but too proud and a dressing room problem together with deco,and r10,dos santos.we need good players both on and off pitch.

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