Thursday, 11 June 2009

International: Messi struggling to reach World cup

1. Brazil (14) 27
2. Chile (14) 26
3. Paraguay (14) 24
4. Argentina (14) 22
5. Ecuador (14) 20
6. Uruguay (14) 18
7. Colombia (14) 17
8. Venezuela (14) 17
9. Bolivia (14) 12
10. Peru (14) 7

the top 4 teams qualify for the FIFA World Cup, the 5th placed team enters a home-and-away playoff with the 4th placed team from North, Central America & Caribbean

Argentina lost 2-0 against Ecuador. Barcelona player Lionel Messi played the whole game.

Brazil defeated Paraguay 2-1. Barcelona player Daniel Ales played the whole game and gave the assist for the 1-1.

Venezuela and Uruguay drew two all. Barcelona player Martín Cáceres started the game for Uruguay, got booked and was replaced ten minutes before the end.

Belarus and Moldova drew two all in a friendly game. Barcelona captain Alexander Hleb played the whole game and gave the assist for the 1-0


skanjos said...

bring robinho to barca txiki !!!! i already see the coop with dani here hehehe


no seriously, i would prefer robhino over ribery...Robhino is a class player,,

i trust in txiki, pep n laporta to do the right things in transfers this summer..but my wish list is one of the four:
1) David silva (will link good with iniesta)

2) Ibrahimovic (i just love his back heel goals !!)

3)Ribery or Tevez (both have supeeerb work rate and dedication and skillzz)

4) Robhino (coz he was in madrid n left them ;) and coz he scores and is such a talent, pep will discipline him)


Marc4barca said...

robinho could join cause ribery seems impossible to get now although silva would be second option but valencia have said they would sell villa and mata before thinking about selling silva. aguero would be an option if we want another henry type player, when u think about it robinho chances are rather slim.

Rivaldo said...

I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD AGREE WITH ME IF I SAY NOW COULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GO FOR NANI AS A WINGER WE NEED. FOR ME HE HAS SPEED,HE SCORES.. BALL CONTROL AND BEING AN PORTUGAL PLAYER HE COULD EASILY ADAPT TO PLAYING WITH THE BALL (i.e. passing cause i know he likes the ball)PLUS IN TERMS OF DEVELOPMENT....HE HAS LOTS TO GO AND CAN BE AS GOOD AS CRISTIANO....just a thought...think about it....what do you think pep, and Ramzi,Barca4life, Kami,Kxevin????....Please think about it carefully and respond. sorry about the caps just wanted it to be noticed.Maybe robinho isn't bad but too many complications i think.I'm out

hieifcb said...

Rivaldo, we should have signed Nani sooner.... i think its late now.
Since he went to Man Utd, he has become an arrogant fool, im a portugal fan and i hate to admit it... i dnt like Nani anymore. Have u seen the Estonia game against Portugal? Nani is too arrogant...

koko=barca said...

PEP do you see this as a video of the day

Hung said...

nice video Koko=barca
i enjoyed it :-)

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