Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Who could be the opponent in the Gamper Trophy?

Barcelona has last week announced that the game for the Joan Gamper Trophy, the annual pre-season game hosted by FC Barcelona and named in honour of Barcelona founder Joan Gamper, will be played on Tuesday 18 August.

The club would like to play the game against a first-class opponent. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Arsenal or AC Milan could be the team Barcelona will face.

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James said...

quick pep, you need to link Barca to one of Milan or Arsenal's players or this post is going to be ignored.

Sandvik said...

Too bad Gamper don't had the chance to see what a terriffic team he founded. (No disrespect towards the team at his days)

pep said...

Working on it, James...

koko=barca said...

I say Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

lol, if we play arsenal, it could be a nice send off for fabre, getting kicked in the ass by the team he is about to join :P :P. kidding

Søren Mortensen said...

It would be fantastic to play arsenal, sign Cesc, announce the transfer during halftime and having him play the second half for Barca.

Manolo said...

Arsenal !

Fabregas would feel the tention in Camp Nou, and maybe wants to move back?

Hleb+Henry, ex Arsenal players

Toure with his brother

Cali Socis said...

Pre-season calendar
20 July: Training begins
21-26 July: London
27 July: Internationals return.
29 July-9 August: USA Tour.
16 August: First leg Spanish Super Cup
18 August: Joan Gamper Trophy
23 August: Second leg Spanish Super Cup
28 August: European Super Cup

Anonymous said...

So fun it would be if Dinho returned to Camp Nou, but with AC Milan.

CosmicKite said...

Milan is a truely great club so that would be good. What is the fascination with Cesc? He walked out on Barca and he isn't a footballing God. Why pay big money for someone to warm the bench until Xavi retires?

xaviesta said...

would be nice to see Ronaldinho back home but I think Arsenal is the more interesting team to watch! would love to see cesc!!!

veruss said...

Arsenal play a comparative game to Barca, I enjoy Wenger's teams and there are the long established aforementioned links between clubs. Yes, this game would have me purring.

Anonymous said...

Milan would be too easy. I want Arsenal!

AJ said...

I don't think Arsenal would be any harder than Milan. Boys can't cope against us.

Anonymous said...

If we are still in the hunt for an opponent i will like to see us play Chelsea.To slay all running mouths once and for all and we can make a lot of money from the build up as well.
A full squad,no red cards and no bias Ref we will have the international media eating from our palms.
Will get everybody in top gear immediately and Pep can plan their downfall superbly.

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