Sunday, 7 June 2009

International: Hleb stays in world cup race

Iceland lost 1-2 against the Netherlands. Barcelona attacker Eidur Gudjohnsen played the whole game.

1. Netherlands (6) 18
2. Scotland (5) 7
3. Iceland (6) 4
4. FYR Macedonia (5) 4
5. Norway (4) 3

Belarus defeated Andorra 5-1 and stays in the race for the World Cup 2010 in South-Africa. Barcelona attacker Alexander Hleb, who was the captain of his national team, played the whole game.

1. England (6) 18
2. Croatia (6) 11
3. Belarus (5) 9
4. Ukraine (5) 8
5. Kazakhstan (6) 3
6. Andorra (6) 0

the nine group-winners qualify directly, while the best eight of the nine second-placed teams will contest home and away play-off matches for the remaining four places


Anonymous said...

If Hleb is the captain of the Belarus National team then I say no more buying players from Belarus!

Anonymous said...

fuc you anony

Anonymous said...

Racist 1st anony.

el fuego said...

i think that hleb will stay at barca for next season... and he will show to people like anonymus1 that he is wonderful player...

hieifcb said...

yeah Hleb will show you how great is he.

tero said...

No hard feelings,Hleb-fan club but he should not stay.Hleb was a major flop and if he wants a bigger role,then he should go to other team...

koko=barca said...

Hey Pep it is not FYR Macedonia it is MACEDONIA. DON'T CALL US FYROM

Anonymous said...

FYR Macedonia is the official name of the country side registered in FIFA.

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