Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Stuttgart cannot afford to sign Hleb

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona attacker and Belarusian international Alexander Hleb (28) with a move to Stuttgart (read more here), Stuttgart president Edwin Staudt has said in an interview with German tabloid Bild that it's unlikely the transfer will go through although he didn't exclude to sign the player on loan:

"I don't know if the transfer price is 12 million euro°, but with that kind of player, it's not only about the transfer fee, but also about the wage demands.

And although Stuttgart has a special place in Alex's heart, I cannot imagine that a player of his reputation and at his age would be ready to seriously lower his wage to come and play with us.

That is more likely to happen when one is near the end of his career. That's why you should see if it's better to buy him and offer him a contract for many years or if it's better to get him on loan for a shorter period with an option to buy him."

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pep said...

12 million euro =

16,5 million us dollar
10,5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

madrid agree villa fee and contract .
congratulations to tixiki and laporta on wasting time and not even renewing their own players contracts .
what are they doing , aare they both in a coma or hiding in some cave in afganistan .
asenjo to atletico madrid , edin dezko to milan , kaka to madrid ,ribery to madrid , soon silva to madrid , keirrson to juventus , eto'o to man city , yaya to who knows where , probably ibra and ronaldo to madrid and for god's sake even arsenal the world's poorest big team have signed a defender .

and what do we get , NOTHING
so much for a bigger squad for next season .

laporta sez 4 big stars and all i'm seeing are overpaid over priced overage certified flops ( forlan , bruno alves , toni ) so much for back to back liga titles
we're gonna be humiliated by madrid next season .

James said...

lol. I guess you don't subscribe to the philosophy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Jordi said...

Man, calm down.

We've just von the treble, so no need to overreact. We're in a very good position because we already have a superb squad and can go on step by step.

We are not the coconut boys from madrid, that are so desperate to get close to us, that they try to buy everything available.

We have some minor weaknesses that need sorting out. But, and i repeat myself, there's no time to hurry, our squad is fantastic as it is. so give txiki and pep time to develop our squad even further.

Fabiano said...

Do you guys really believe everything the media say? I mean those commentators who freak out every time.

Laporta, Txiki and Pep are silently making thinks work, they have a good feeling which players might suit our team.

And it's not Villa nor Kaka that we need. Some expensive star players don't make a team win.

Or how much transfer money did we spend on Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Bojan, Puyol...? Oh, wait. Get it?

Mast said...

of all the rumors you named, only the kaka to madrid has been afficially confirmed. If all reports about barcelona being linked with players were true then we'd have bought 50 players allready..

relax, these people won the treble, they know what they're doing..

sashi said...

i seriously hope Pep and Txiki are getting things done behind the scenes and not making things public like Madrid. tats wat selling clubs like. i hope in a few days' time, we would be unveiling 2 top signings for the summer. Ibra, Ribery,Silva, Bruno Alves, Masch... any 2 is fine. we just need some hope tat things are happening. not panicing but need some reassurance from the manager n director.

tero said...

words "Mascherano" and "top-signing" don't fit in a same phrase

Anonymous said...

Madrid buying everything available? To me it seems that they buy the best available, Kaka is a brilliant player, so is Villa, even if we are barcelona fans, let us not fool ourselves by saying that madrid are stupid on the transfer market. I am more concerned with us and the stuff we are linked to which are two classes behind the madrid targets.

SJP said...

who cares if madrid do buy kaka, villa, ribery etc,is anyone they are going to get better than messi, xavi or iniesta? thats not just being a biased barca fan that is a fact, none of the players they buy are as good as them. also do you really think that madrid can go and buy four or five of the worlds top (other) players and that they will blend together perfectly in their first season together? as far as i know pellegrini has never had to handle star players, i think he is a very good manager but is he a pep guardiola? no where near. laporta and txixi have bought us 3 leagues and two CL, pep delivered the treble in his forst season, let madrid go and buy every player under the sun, it will make it all the more satisfying when we win la liga next year. forca barca

rahul said...

madrid r nt stupid bt lunatics in teh transfer market. this jan they signed diarra n huntelaar n didnt realise they both played in a european competition. man even i realized that, madrid r a shit n milan too i hope milan dont even get thru to cl group stage.

Iason said...

Lets not get Ibrahimovic or David Villa, lets get Luca Toni! Forget Ribery, we have Hleb. Barcelona get Mascherano and sell Toure. Forget Evra, Lahm, Cole or Gael Clichy, lets get Filipe and get rid of Sylvinho who by the way helped win the Champions League and teaches the youngsters! Aguero and Benzema are offering themselves to us but I think Eto'o and a bit of Bojan is enough for the 70 game season. Maybe 30 year old and 30 million euro man Forlan and no Eto'o would be better.

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