Thursday, 11 June 2009

No talks with Benzema

Asked about the rumours linking Lyon forward and French international Karim Benzema (21)with a move to Barcelona (read more here), the player's agent Karim Djaziri has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that there hasn't been any contact with Barcelona lately:

"Nobody has called me, so all talk about Benzema possible joining Barcelona is just speculation. I think Barça will first talk with Samuel Eto'o before looking for another striker."

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Benzema is still an option for Barcelona


Anonymous said...

Well that pretty much what our transfer season has been like so far. Lets Benayoun and be done with it.

wanted47 said...

it seems barca have signed should be announced at the end of the mounth

KluivertsBoots said...

We won't sign Benzema unless we get really desperate. I don't know that we have the funds to sign him. Aulas always gets an outrageous price for players and he will be especially stubborned with Benzema.

Eto'o's situation is going to hurt us until next summer when he leaves. We can't resign or sell him because his wage demands are just silly right now.

We need to focus on LB (Filipe) and also sign Hernanes for the midfield. We need creative options to back up Xavi-Iniesta.

R10FCB said...

oh good, more good news. we cant find a deal with ibra, we are being linked with benayoun, real madrid have endless money, ribery is pretty much out of the question now and now we arnt even going to talk to benzemas agent about a possible transfer.
I know its still early but at the moment the transfer season does not look good for us right now.

Anonymous said...

Benzema is so overrated it is ridiculous, I am happy we haven't made contact with him. But we are probably going for Toni or Forlan. Maybe Benayoun too. Not exactly what you would expect from Treble champions.

Fabiano said...

Yes, the transfer season looks great so far. We have a winning team, no need to change too much.

We can spend the money when really important players want to go and we need to substitute them.

Ramzi said...

Are we used to complain or are we used to complain? lol

Calm down, I wouldn't wish to have RM current squad (with Kaka-Ronaldo) , and give them our squad in return.

At least celebrate your team success at the moment. Y are u addicted to suffering?:)

Anonymous said...

I think Madrid's attacking line-up of: Robben-Kaka-Ronaldo look pretty amazing with Lass and Diarra giving the defensive protection. I don't know if it is better than Xavi-Iniesta-Messi, but it is very close at least. And they aren't finished buying yet, maybe they will get a new striker too. Perhaps even Ibra will come to them:


That is insane.

sashi said...

Man U are preparing a bid for Robben. he seems to be preparing to leave as it would be almost impossible to start n the team anymore as their midfield is totally occupied.

guys, why dont u think tat we are not stupid like Madrid and bragging about the possible signings but we do everything behind the scenes? i guess we would've signed atleast 2 players by now. hope its Ibra and Felipe.

Anonymous said...

sashi: why is it impossible for Robben to start on the team? Robben on the left and Ronaldo on the right looks good to me. It is more likely van der Vaart, Drenthe and maybe Sneijder will leave

Anonymous said...

"wanted47" What??????????

do you have a link or something????????!!!!!!

SJP said...

i agree with ramzi, if we hadn't won anything last season then fair enough but we won a treble! for gods sake what more can you ask from this squad?!regardless of the treble RM going out and buying everyone the can is purely a reaction to us absoutely trouncing them at the berabau. i like the fact they they have to put there hands up and say 'we are not good enough', the only way we can try to be good enough is if we break the world record transfer twice in a week. things to consider:
1. ronaldo won't be as effective in la liga, henry had the same problem he will, there's no space behind the defences like there is in EPL. the only thing that makes ronaldo effective is his speed. his technique is no better than most 2nd divsion spanish sides. every player and their mother does cross overs in spain but not in EPL, they were scared of him, that won't be true in spain. plus he's an idiot who destroy their dressing room.

2. kaka is the real worry if he finds his form. but even then they made a mistake choosing pelegrini as manager, he's very good but is now insignificant to the player on the pitch, that can never bring success

3. is kaka better than iniesta? no. is ronaldo better than messi?no.

4. madrid problem was there defence and they're doing nothing about that. they will have the same defence that we put 8 goals past last season.

5. the problem of complacency WILL NOT happen under pep. he will shove his boot up anyone's arse that doesn't try, he even got messi defending! our squad is the best in spanish history, all we need is to strengthen, a LB, RB, CM and CF/LW, none of them need to star names just because madrid are doing so, whoever they buy we will still have the best players in the world. christ have a bit more faith in the team that won us the treble!

sashi said...

check this out!!!


@anon : playing Robben on the left is as gud as not playing him! he doesn't know how to play there. the only thing he knows is to cut inside n shooot.

Anonymous said...

sashi: that is certainly not true, but even if that were the case, Ronaldo can play on the left and Robben on the right. They can switch positions with ease. I don't think we should be arrogant and complacent and thinking that what Madrid does won't make them stronger and a threat to us. They look pretty damn strong now, and they ain't finished. A superstriker will probably go there as well and they will buy a couple of defenders too, Maicon has been linked alot to them.

wanted47 said...


he says he is sure where he will play next summer..thats sounds to me like he is definately leaving inter

Anonymous said...

well they had Figo on the right Zidan on the left Ronaldo in front of them and they sucked. we had Eto'o, Messi, Henry and Ronaldinho and we sucked.
Christina Ronaldo managed to only score about 20 goals this term, Kaka about 16, and if they bought Ibrahimovic too then they won't have enough money to buy any other player to fill the many gaps in their squad yet.
they rely heavily on the money from the sale of 5 dutch players, that was Perez plan in the elections, he clearly don't want any dutch players in the team, the quartet of Van NIstelroy, Sneider, Van der Vart and Drenthe can only cover Kaka price as Sneider is the only one with real value. Robben's father and agent himself said that Robben situation is difficult in finding a replacement as Madrid needs to cash a lot from him and so many clubs can afford to top their 36m paid for him.
further more, in worst case scenario if Eto'o saga continue we are covered in the main striker position for next year at least.
we need a back up for Henry, and a LB, our middle is well covered.
I hope you all calm down a bit, it is not even a month since Rome's famous triumph, let the others worry about their weakened squads and let's bask in glory.

Anonymous said...

Samuel Eto'o said the same thing and he stayed.

Scano814 said...

Guys, I just want to make a comment about how jealous some of us seem of Real Madrid right now. WE ARE BARCA, they are going a huge spending spree in the hopes that maybe they can catch up to us.

Since laporta has taken over we have followed a farily consistence plan and I expect nothing less but rational decisions that are best for the club in a sporting and financial sense.

Do I want Ibra and Ribery...of course but I do not want them as desperation signing that put our club in a bad position and alienate our players.

Real Madrid makes many enemies in this way as they have complete destroyed the transfer market. Eventually, I think teams will sell a player like ribery for 40 while they will accept nothing less than 65 from Real...

Keep your heads on straight, we just won the treble we are barca...the grass is not always greener!!

Don Luis said...


We have a perfect squad!

Xavi> RM MID

We dont need benzema. He comes, bojan goes that simple.

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