Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Father Bruno Alves backs Barcelona move

Asked about the rumours linking Porto central defender and Portuguese international Bruno Alves (27) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), the player's father and former football player Washington has backed a transfer in an interview with Catalan radio station Ona FM:

"Barcelona would be an excellented club for Bruno. The qualities of Bruno would perfectly fit at Barça and that's why I think a final agreement would be a good thing both for the player and for Barcelona.

Now the important thing is that the clubs close a deal and if that's the case, Bruno will be delighted to join Barcelona. I’m not aware of how things stand at this moment. I only know what I've read in the papers, that they say that Barcelona is in contact with the agent of Bruno. My son is now with his national team but I hope to be able to talk with him on Thursday."

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Anonymous said...

more madness from Txiki if we pay 20m+ for this 28 year old central defender. It would be a typical Txiki transfer. Overpriced, and not necessery.

fcbee said...

Txiki just signs what the coach asks for.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt pep asks us to pay 20m+ euros for this 28 year old. Did pep ask for Caceres and never use him?

fcbee said...

That's how it goes, Anony. You think they sign a player without the permission of the coach? Not with Pep.

sashi said...

Pep is the person who's gives the first and the final word for any transfer and so anyone should only blame Pep if he feels tat someone has flopped after being transferred in to the team.

Anonymous said...

breaking news Italian Bookmakers Suspend Betting On Ibrahimovic Joining Barcelona

R10FCB said...

buy him.swap ibra with eto and then swap ibra with this guy.ETO>IBRA> transfer plus we could play him as centre forward like mibra,i bet he is better than ibra.does anyone agree with me??of course everyone does

Anonymous said...

last year wasn't a successful year in signing players, Hleb and caceres for more than 30 million is a joke, spending over 22 million on bruno alves is a disaster, shakhtar donest CB is 10 times better than Bruno and 10 times shipper + Srna by close is 2 million. common Tixiki open your eyes, just yesterday Laporta was talking about right price for right player, do what guardiola want and every thing will be fine.

DEFENCE: Dmytro Chygrynskyy, Srna, Henrique, fillipe luis + Botia and Muiniesa. sell Caceres, Milito and Victor S

Midfield: Melo or Motinho + Thiago and Gai. Sell Hleb and Gudy

Attack: Zlatan if Eto'o (we will miss him for 6 weeks if he stay in the most difficult part of the season -END OF january and february) has to go if not add another backup who is ship, strong in the air and experienced, there are 3 profils in the market that will suit this position: Trezeguet, Toni or Cruz. remember we already have the best squad in the world and this signing will just make as stronger and complete.

Dmytro Chygrynskyy: Like Marquez only 7 years younger
Srna: Turbo diesel right back, we need him to rotate with Alves ( Liga, Cup, WC clubs, CL, 2 super cups )
Henrique: was one of the most consistence defenders in Germany last season+ he's ours
Luis: i wouldn't mind if Sylvinho stayed but i think that this guy is just what barca need as LB, i'm not a big fun of Abidal.
Melo: if we sign this guy we'll be sorted coz like eto'o Toure will be missing for 6 weeks, and this guy can do the job.
Motinho: ship version of Fabregas
Gai: Huge talent a mixture of Messi and Ronaldinho if we give him a chance we'll not need Ribery if Henry goes.
Thiago: pure playmaker he need to be given a chance next year.
Zlatan: i can see why Guardiola want him ( still hungry for titles, talent by nature, can get the most from crosses and corners, good in the air, skillful and a top scorer ) he's not a hard worker but i'm sure that Guardiola will make him work.


Iason said...

Defense next season:
Alves/the Almeria guy-Bruno Alves-Pique-Puyol. Puyol and Henrique can be a replacement to anyone is defense. Abidal can fill in it CB while also giving time to Botia and Muniesa. Our defense is fine like that next season and we don't have to worry about conceding from set pieces. We should also keep Caceres and Milito for depth. Although if we were to spend big on bulky CB then I would prefer to buy Kolo Toure. Keep Yaya happy and have a quality player that has proven himself in a top league.

Iason said...

I also forgot to mention then Marquez is still a good Defender and probably the best one at starting attacks.

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