Sunday, 7 June 2009

International: Alves scores for Brazil

Brazil defeated Uruguay 0-4 in a World cup qualifying game yesterday. Barcelona players Dani Alves and Martín Cáceres played the whole game. Alves scored Brazil's first goal.

Argentina defeated Colombia 1-0. Barcelona player Lionel Messi played the whole game.

1. Brazil (13) 24
2. Paraguay (13) 24
3. Chile (13) 23
4. Argentina (13) 22
5. Uruguay (13) 17
6. Venezuela (13) 16
7. Ecuador (12) 14
8. Colombia (13) 14
9. Bolivia (13) 12
10. Peru (12) 7

The top 4 teams qualify for the FIFA World Cup. The 5th placed team enters a home-and-away playoff with the 4th placed team from North,Central America & Caribbean.


tero said...

Nice cannon from Alves...maybe a little keepers fault but still

wanted47 said...

i watched the whole game arg vs colu. damn the game was f++king rough..both sides realy hate was a kill or get killed match with less football...luckily messi didn´t get hurt..i´m sure pep almost had an heartattack when watching

Anonymous said...

caceres was a f***ing retard in that match
the idiot wanted to pick a fight with alves
he almost killed alves with his tackles

Anonymous said...

Paraguay are doing very good. What players do they have? Maybe we should buy their best player? He must be good.

FCBarca said...

I love Dani but that was entirely the keeper's error for that first goal

AJ said...

Obviously he enjoys playing for us more. He can't even celebrate a goal properly for his "native" country.

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