Saturday, 13 June 2009

Barça B - Official: Maric and Joni will leave

Barcelona has yesterday officially announced that Barcelona Atlètic central and left back defender Joni (22) and Barcelona Atlètic forward Goran Maric (25 - picture) will leave the club this summer.

The contracts of the players, who both were signed last summer (read more
here and here), expired this month since Maric had a one-year deal and Joni was loaned from Spanish first division club Sporting.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe we could have tested Joni out and see if he can be our backup for LB.

MohamedH said...

I dont think Joni has the qualities to succeed with barca... although i have never seen him play, the fact that he has been loaned from sporting Gijon says enough... he probably wasn't good enough for Sporting to be used in the primera division after their promotion...

fcbee said...

We cannot promote everyone. These two just weren't good enough, so then you should let them go and make room for new guys.

skanjos said...

i said it before i will say it again barca b has started going downhill.its not right to use 25year old players what message are they sending to the a messi or leave?barcelona b should be a step to joining the big team and should be a u21 squad....if a player isnt good enough to play in the big team till 22yrs then let him go

Leckan said...

It has always been that way; It's not something recent, even though I see your point, I think the one's in charge know better than you what they are doing.

fcbee said...

You're wrong, skanjos. The goal is to get the youngsters in the first team and to reach that goal, they should be supported by older guys in the B team, who are not good enough for the first team but who can help yhe youngster grow. Everybody knows that.

How can you complain about our B team, when half our team consists of youth players. Busquets just came through, from our B team to the spanish team? Downhill? Some want to complain about everything... When will it be enough?

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