Sunday, 10 May 2009

Forlan first option to replace Eto'o

Spanish news site El Confidencial claims that Barcelona wants to sign Atlético Madrid forward and Uruguayan international Diego Forlán (29) to replace Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o (28), for whom Barcelona has received several good offers from England and Italy (read more here).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would have told Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain that he prefers Forlán as substitute because he thinks the Uruagayan would link up perfectly with Barcelona player Lionel Messi. Arsenal forward and Togo international Emmanuel Adebayor (25) would be the second name on Guardiola's list (read more

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta wants to sell Eto'o because this summer could be the last chance to get some money for the Cameroonian, whose contract expires in 2010. Forlán would be the preferred substitute of Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain, who already wanted to sign the striker in 2004 and 2006. Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would have given his permission for the deal.

Asked about the rumours that Barcelona would have offered Eto'o to Manchester City last week (read more
here), Laporta denied the story to journalists: "I don't think this is the right moment to talk about these things, although I want to make clear that I have been in London to solve some business issues relating to my job as a lawyer. I did not meet with anyone from Manchester City to talk about a possible transfer of Eto'o. It's not a matter of money. Barça isn't a selling club. We buy players, we don't sell them."

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HouseMD said...


No comments!

skanjos said...

so acording to them,we are selling eto (28).to get forlan(29) comment.eto said many times he wants to stay,if we get cl and he wants another challenge then we can get benzema / villa / ibrahmovic .i would love drogba too.

AydinK-1 said...

I dont understand them if this is true.
Just tell me why would we want to sign Forlan and sell Eto.
If we really need to sign someone then go for Villa or Benzema,not this mediocre striker.
But I hope this is not true and Eto stays with us.

ej said...


Drogba ? are you crazy?

He will be banned 6-12 games next season so no thanks , why we buy a player who wont be able to play in CL ??

i hope we get somebody who has good FK ability !!!

and if etoo leaves we need a stiker like folan only of we get him very cheap because we need ribery next season .

and coach must decide:
Bojan in out ?
in: let him play next season every second game
out:loan him to or valencia

Amir said...

u r kidding right ?! forlan!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Forlan and Adebayor are not Barcelona material, Eto'o is superior to these two players, so we would severely weaken the team. If we are interested in weakening the team, then Forlan and Adebayor are excellent choices.

LeónDragón said...

tevez,benzema or any other talented player are the only names i want to here...but adebayor (aka chewbacca),forlan,trez or drogba are a shame...too old or just too bad...can't hear about the larsson-s*** be 33+ makes no larsson of a player...for me,he's unique...they should just bring someone with future,not one from the past...names like adebayor,trez or drogba and even forlan make me angry...hope they sober and stop clownin'...with hleb and caceres,i think,we reached the limit of stupid-transfers...sorry,but that's my opinion...ONE LOVE!!!!!

Jacob said...

i said it once and Ill say it again...

one of the most underrated strikers in the game AND he just sealed the deal for At.Matrid for qualification single handedly.

per said...

Why the fuck is Pep so eager on Adebayor? The guy is completely useless.

Anonymous said...

for those who doubt forlan
read this:
a nice article from sid lowe.

LeónDragón said... anony...very impressive...don't have always an eye on atletico,but sounds good...the only problem,for me,is,that he gets 30 next year...and i wish to look for someone younger...but as an option he could be good...adebayor (aka chewbacca) is for sale,but hope that our board is not dumb enough to bring this clowny fake...we need an other type of striker...someone physically strong and would not be bad if he's good with the head and young...and at least someone who can pass a ball or stop it...something etoo seems has lost...28 goals are superb,i see all the games,but sometimes i ask myself,when he scored them...very good choice would ba villa too,from those maybe available,but best would be torres...have to correct myself...benzema should be no option no more...too expensive for what he delivers...

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