Thursday, 11 June 2009

No more age limit on players switching nations

author: Simon Evans
source: Reuters

date: 3 June 2009

Many players could get a new chance to play international football after FIFA's congress surprisingly voted last Wednesday to remove the age limit on changing national teams.

Under established rules players with dual nationality, who had already played for a country's national team at youth level, were only allowed to switch loyalties until the age of 21.

A motion from the Algerian Football Association, removing the reference to the age limit, was passed by the FIFA Congress, opening the way for many players to get a second chance in international football. The rule change does not affect any player who was played for the full national team as they are barred from switching nations.

The Algerian change was backed heavily by African countries - many of whom will now hope to 'regain' players who have played at youth level for European countries. Algeria could now for example have access to several players who have featured in France's youth teams.

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Dan R said...

Wow... big change... this means that Gai can still play for spain... in what ever age he wishes

bad for us israelis :<

Anonymous said...

Gai has already played a match with Israel national first team, but I think it was in a friendly game. And that doesn´t count right?

mike said...

Every game played for the first team of a Nations counts, so gai can´t change...

But Jeffren has now the right to change between spain und venezuela...

maximi83 said...

that's not the whole truth...

A player is just able to switch the team to the following conditions:

- he didn't play for the real National Team ( no matter how old he was)
- he must have had a passport of the two countries before he is able to switch the country

Player X played for Youth National team in country A and had at that time the passport of country A and B. So he is able to switch the national team no matter how old he is.
but if he didn't have the passport from country B before he played for the youth national team in country A he is not able to change to the real national team in country B.

very diffiult. Stupid FIFA.

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