Thursday, 11 June 2009

Barcelona president talks with Ribery by phone

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has spoken to Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) last week.

Laporta called Barcelona player Abidal, who was preparing an international game with France and asked him to pass Ribéry. During an informal talk of about twenty minutes, Laporta assured the Frenchman that Barcelona still wants to sign him.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has set a limit of 40 million euro° for the transfer of Ribéry. Although Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has indicated that the French attacker is his absolute priority, Barcelona doesn't want to surpass this limit because this could endanger other transfer operations.

Barcelona, that would already have closed a personal deal with Ribéry and reached a verbal agreement with Bayern (read more
here), doesn't want to change the conditions previously agreed. The club is counting on the will of the player to join Barcelona and is convinced the market will cool off as the summer progresses. Barcelona and the German club would also have agreed that Barcelona will be informed about any concrete bid for Ribéry and will get the chance to match the bid (read more here).

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pep said...

40 million euro =

57 milllion us dollar
34 million british pound

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

If we could get Ribery... well, that would be awesome!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Yeah, I hope the market cools off. I hope we dont rush into anything.

Most of all I hope Ribery if signed is used mainly to rotate with Iniesta and Xavi and that Gai/Pedro/Bojan get their chances on the wings.

Marc4barca said...

highly unlikely barca would let the youth products spearhead the lw while ribery rotate with iniesta and xavi. it would probably be the other way around and gai pedro and bojan rotate with iniesta messi and ribery. either way the point is too make sure they get enough playing time this season.

Rivaldo said...

I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD AGREE WITH ME IF I SAY NOW COULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GO FOR NANI AS A WINGER WE NEED. FOR ME HE HAS SPEED,HE SCORES.. BALL CONTROL AND BEING AN PORTUGAL PLAYER HE COULD EASILY ADAPT TO PLAYING WITH THE BALL (i.e. passing cause i know he likes the ball)PLUS IN TERMS OF DEVELOPMENT....HE HAS LOTS TO GO AND CAN BE AS GOOD AS CRISTIANO....just a thought...think about it....what do you think pep, and Ramzi,Barca4life, Kami,Kxevin????....Please think about it carefully and respond. sorry about the caps just wanted it to be noticed.

madridhater said...

looks like madrid is his preferred option...
we r getting anally rapppeedd by madrid in this summer transfers !!

kamikaze kontiki said...

I think there is more room for the exuberance of youth and flair on the wing rather than in midfield. (Thats why I dont think Thiago should get get a look in yet, he needs to mature a lot more). I am not saying they should hold down the place with regularity but using Ribery in midfield will give them more opportunities. (And Marc, I am glad we aren't talking about Eto'o and Ibra again :))

Rivaldo, I dont think Nani is going anywhere now that he has a better chance of getting playing time. As for young relatively unheralded players who Barça should consider, I suggest De Federico and Pastore. I think De Federico is better than Nani.

marko said...

Why Madridhater? Did we want Kaka or CR? Did Ribery say that? He did not...

Christ, stop panicking. We have the best team in the world, SHOW SOME TRUST AND RESPECT TO THE GUYS WHO GAVE US THE TREBLE!

Anonymous said...

We won't get him if Madrid wants him. We can't compete with their money. We have to wait and see who Madrid buys, before we can buy.

marko said...

I can't believe what I read from some ppl. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

We have money to compete with Madrid. Perez is in a "galactico-frenzy" stage, and CR7 and Kaka have certainly drained a lot of the funds that Madrid had for the summer. I am confident that Ibra and Ribery will be joining us next year.

Iurisimo said...

we have the money to compete with them, we are just not so stupid, to spend like this..

Anonymous said...

How can we compete with them if they want Ribery? They will simply put 50 or 60m euros on the table, and we have to fold. We must first wait and see who Madrid buys and when they are finished, we should try to get the players they aren't interested in. If we can get Dzeko, I am happy.

Marc4barca said...

yea kamikaze i am too. you are a difficult guy to argue with lol.

nani is good player but not for barca. my reason comes down to the fact that most Portuguese are in my bad book like pepe, figo and although i like ronaldo as a player leaving manu because he lost the cl final after saying he was going to stay all season long really ticked me off. nani will also hinder gai's appearance in the team, they are like the same type of player. even though real madrid signed kaka and ronaldo i have no fear of them i don't why, maybe it's because i see ronaldo and kaka getting in each other's way.

madridhater that could be all media hype because of madrid's two signings, ask yourself these questions before you believe in news such as those, where will the player play? is this news directly from the player or an agent(if from an agent then it's all hype to increase bids from other clubs) and what was in other in news before this one. ribery won't go real madrid with kaka and ronaldo.

we do have money to compete but as many said before barca is not a club who are going to spend blindly like perez, even when we went two years without a trophy we signed 5 players not superstars except alves and we won treble, real madrid lost la liga after winning it twice consecutively and they spend 165 mil on 2 players, talk about desperate and ignorant and lack of faith. just remember it is real's defense that harmed them not the attack and they have yet to improve in that area and have not even, not even interested in building in that area they will fail cause they are changing the team too much. they haven't even thought about who will replace these players when they are injured or tired. real will play 4-3-3 next season and that will be their ultimate downfall. 1- lass is totally useless without a defensive midfield partner. 2- if real couldn't defend properly in a 4-4-2 just imagine a 4-3-3 with 3 to 5 players not willing to defend(1 or 2 is good but 3 to 5 is too much) 3. this is spain and land of attacking football but when it comes to small teams meeting strong teams defenders awareness is increased by 10 and forward runs are calculated perfectly, real failed against defensive football all the time, next year will be no different.

i look forward to puyol making ronaldo wet his pants again and messi running rings around kaka. first match is at the bernabau to so 2-4 seem like the right score.

NouBarca said...

Isnt Larp smart? " Hello Abi, Pass the phone to Ribery"

Anonymous said...

I don't get this talk about Madrid's problem this season was their defence. They clearly lacked offensive firepower, their main threat from midfield was Guti! Now they have Kaka and Ronaldo, and in my opinion that is a great improvement over Guti!

When it comes to defense, they have Lass and Diarra are also coming back from injury. Maybe they will buy another defensive midfielder too, but I feel it is wrong to say that their defensive area looks so bad. We shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking that their team won't be vastly strenghtened with the line-up they are about to field.

Marc4barca said...

anon if their defense isn't the problem can you tell me why they conceded 5 against liverpool, can u tell me why they conceded 52 goals in la liga and scored 83? you think two world class midfielder is going to make a difference is CL and they eve conceded like 4 or 5 against juventus of all teams, juventus is a poor attacking side. what will ahppen when barcelona play their possession game, what will happen when the la liga teams start to defend and hit on the counter. if you haven't realized that's not how they played against real last season but they surely will now. i see ronaldo no different from robben, kaka is good but he is no zidane. the galactico era wasn't even as successful as everyone thinks, they won like what 3 trophies in 5 yrs, we won 5 in 4 so that makes our squad of youth players much better than that of a squad pack with superstars. real don't increase in defence nothing will change in the team especially since cannavaro is gone and pepe is out for like the first 6 matches(should of been more)ramos isn't that great defensively and heinze is crap and marcelo can't defend. they need a whole new backline except rb.

Anonymous said...

OK, they will have Diarra and Garay back when the season starts and Pepe will be back after 4 games, so basically I think they only need two new defenders which they surely are about to get. With Ramos, Pepe, Garay, two new defenders, Diarra and Lass, their defensive structure has lots of quality, the question then remains whether Pellegrini can make the team defend as a unit something Pep managed to do and Rijkaard didn't manage in his final seasons.
The player quality is there for sure.

Marc4barca said...

good then we are at an agreement, a lb and a cb(or 2) is needed and garay hasn't been all that good, he is like caceres, lots of potential but could end up nothing more than a burden but we will have to wait and see. i guess you haven't heard real madrid are thinking about selling diarra. it's not surprising they would sell stars after paying so much cause as i said before they will play 4-3-3 and there is only room for 1 dm in a 4-3-3 and diarra with all his skills will not accept bench role and neither as lass.

I am still split between whether kaka and ronaldo can function together as team especially when it comes to retaining the ball from the opposition, the talent is there but is the communication there that is also something we will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

We played many times with Keita and Yaya in the middle with Xavi more offensive. There is no rule that says that Diarra and Lass can't play toghether. I don't think Madrid will sell a player that has been injured for so long, they will sell their dutch players most likely.

Madrid can even buy a third midfielder, someone like Cesc or Alonso, with Ronaldo on the left and Kaka in a more free role on the right with Ramos as a right wingback and one striker. Ronaldo and Kaka are both goalscoring midfielders/attackers so they could easily play with only one striker.

They can probably buy a lb and a cb for 20m combined which is nothing for Perez.

Barca nerd-fan said...


Hamsik, M.Fernandes or Moutinho(15-20mil)
Henrique(from loan)


If Eto'o leaves(25-30mil):
Tevez(Henry up front, Tevez left wing)
Dzeko & Ribery(50-60mil together, add hleb in Ribery deal to reduce price)

Next year's squad:

GK: VV,Pinto, Oier
RB: Alves, Saltor, (Puyol)
LB: Abidal, Muniesa, (Puyol
CB: Puyol, Pique, Marquez, Milito, Henrique
DM: Yaya, Busquets
CM: Xavi, Iniesta, Keita, Hamsik, Thiago
LW: Henry(Tevez, Ribery), Jeffren, Gai
RW: Messi, Pedro, Hleb
CF: Eto'o(Henry, Villa), Bojan, (Dzeko)

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Yes we don't need to panic or worry that Marid have spent over $150 million euros on Kaka and Ronaldo but it would be nice to get one over them in the transfer market and there is no better player to buy than Ribery. I don't care who Madrid buy as long as they don't get him.

Marc4barca said...

keita isn't a dm and he can attack way better than lass and diarra who only have defensive qualities. they can play together in a 4-4-2 formation, the point is madrid had him for sale so it's obvious something bout him doesn't fit the plans and u can count out the fact of a single striker, real madrid will never play that certainly not with pellegrini in charge. there is no way a club can sign two good defenders for 20mil certainly not after ronaldo left manu for 94, that signing alone has changed the market, everyone will extort real madrid. now that platini has been pissed off at real madrid for their unfair tactics this transfer season expect major changes in football, like the 6+5 and limitations in transfer market and also restricting youth from leaving their clubs under 18. i hope these things get introduced in the next 2-3yrs.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

Hey guys barca fun for life....he is a good player barca need him. But on the other hand let us rejoice that madrid have kaka and RC7 this would give us more competition in la liga...eventually madrid can show up in the classico and put up a fight and also I am tired of English football dominating the Champions would be nice to see barca and madrid in champions league semi final or final.

Marc4barca said...

i rather see english dominate and barca beat them than real madrid making it past round of 16. barca and sevilla will be the teams to carry spain in cl next year.

Dude said...

I believe RM wanted CR7 rather than Ribery because he's "too ugly" to market. lol

Culer_Than_Thou said...

We sure're going to face a tougher Madrid than the one we faced this year.
But trust Pep to put up a squad even better than the one we had this year.Don't allow your eyes to be washed by the big names and big dollar$.
What signings did we have last year.. Alves, Keita, Pique, Caceres, Hleb. None of them supermodels / hot property. But they fit into Pep's scheme of thngs.
Pep knows what he wants and he'll get it. Don't worry. Madrid are going about the transfers in their style... we'll go about in ours. One year later, the trophy cabinets at the Nou Camp will put everything in perspective.

Anurag said...

ribery would be nice, but i agree with barca's stand of staying sensible in the transfer market. theres no need to go berserk. culer_than_thou, im sorry man, i beg to differ. alves was anyways an established player, and hleb and caceres never really fit in to the scheme of things. at the end of the day, i think we should remain calm and composed. remember, perez has no footballing sense, and is basically going to **** up the dressing room by buying 3-4 leading stars for each position. remember the previous galactico era. keep faith!!

Culer_Than_Thou said...

Exactly my point Anurag.

Like Alves, we'll have one-two established names (I think Ribery's going to be our next No.7) signed on.

My point was, we never went chasing the hungriest mercenaries and won't do so this year. That's Barca's approach.

Also, the board and Pep know more about the team than any of us. There may be some constraints and information that we may not be even aware of. So no point cribbing about their work here.

Taking stock time would be at the end of the transfer market and then at the end of the season.

Just take a deep breath and have faith in Pep and the Board.

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