Friday, 12 June 2009

Third game US tour against Chivas

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona will play their third game of the summer tour in the United States against American Major League Soccer team Chivas.

The game will be played on 8 or 9 August in a city near San Francisco yet to be confirmed but presumably Oakland (read more

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doogle said...

cool. this is gonna be great

Dude said...

Chivas USA in Oakland...? Which is another LA soccer team, kinda stupid to be playing another LA team up in Oakland. For you Euro dudes it's a 8-10 hr drive up north from LA.

rory said...

shhhhhhhh. I'm gonna be in oakland starting on the 8th!

FCBarca said...

8 to 10 hrs from LA to SF??...Riding your bike maybe....More like 5-6 hrs.

Someone told me Chivas USA has a game right around that time making it nearly impossible that they'd be Barca's opponent

Cali Socis said...

Chivas USA plays on the road against Colorado on August 8th. Chivas de Guadalajara does not play during that time period therefore making it more likely that they are the opponent. I also don't think the game will be in Oakland at the Coliseum as it will have the infield dirt from the Oakland A's (baseball) still. Also note that the game scheduled for this month between Inter Milan and America at Stanford (2o mins south of San Francisco) has not sold out yet.

Lastly, if there is a game in the Bay Area, I will be there if anyone wants to get together for a beer before the game. I will also be at the Barca v Galaxy game on August 1st.

Steve said...

I think the opponent is Chivas Guadalajara, not Chivas USA.

And probably in Oakland. There are other (SJ Earthquakes and Gold Cup) matches at the Coliseum this summer, and the A's are away that weekend.

ratty88 said...

I'm going! Either Chivas team is fine im not really going to see them anyways although i prefer the guadalajara team since im from there. Hopefully iniesta and marquez will be back to play

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