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[2008] Difficult negotiations with Arsenal on Hleb

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Several sources in England and Spain report that the negotiations, started on Tuesday, between Arsenal and Barcelona on the transfer of Arsenal midfielder and Belarussian international Alexander Hleb (27) are not advancing as well as expected before by Barcelona.

British tabloid The Daily Mirror claims that Barcelona launched a first bid of 10 million euro° which is far below what Arsenal would want to receive for Hleb.

British tabloid The Daily Star claims that Arsenal is asking at this moment 25 million euro° and more concretely translated this in demanding 5 million euro° plus Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivory Coast international Yaya Touré (25) in exchange.

Barcelona would have rejected the option to include Touré in the deal (read more
here). Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain is quoted by the tabloid as saying: "We want Yaya to stay with us and he is not on the market. Guardiola considers him to be an important player in his new project." Catalan sports paper Sport confirms that this plan has clearly been rejected by Barcelona.

Although Bayern Munich would be preparing a 20 million euro° bid, Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo says that Barcelona is calm and patient because they already have a personal deal with Hleb (read more
here). And the experience shows that a player normally ends up playing with the team of his choice.

Hleb said earlier this week in an interview with German sports magazine Kicker that the rumours about his future are making him nervous: "All that paper talk is annoying. I have not signed anything with Bayern or Barcelona or any other club for that matter. There's so much speculation and so much talking. While I just want some peace and time to sit down with my closest friend and agent Niki Spilevski to make up my mind about my future."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

10 million euro =
15,5 million us dollar
8 million british pound

25 million euro =
39 million us dollar
20 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Anything over 15 million is way too expensive. If im not mistaken he only have 1 year left on his contract so in my opinion 10 million is what we should be paying. If Hleb is bought as an winger then Mancini is at least as good and not as expensive. Joao Moutinho would be better as a central midfielder.

Anonymous said...

Hope negotiatons between Barca and Arsenal colapse...I dont want Hleb at Barca and I think selling Toure would be the biggest mistake in football, same as Real did with Makelele...Bayern can help Barca a lot if they sign Hleb!I would rather have Iniesta even Henry at LW...BUY MOUTINHO AND SILVA!!!

Anonymous said...

25mil for Hleb?!! someone at Arsenal is definitely on drugs! I would PAY Bayern to sign him at this point! I'd rather have Silva or Moutinho over this guy any day of the week! Seriously if Barca go through and pay anywhere near 20mil for Hleb Laporta should be fired immediately!

Kxevin said...

Word. If Hleb is worth 25 million then I'm an astronaut. We have greater needs than yet another diminutive mid with good ball skills.

Txiki won't sell Yaya out from under Guardiola, rest assured on that one. He was our best player last season, and will be one of our best this season, as well. He and Keita will have the midfield on lockdown.

I don't even see Hleb making the starting XI, frankly. Who will he displace, unless they're thinking of him as the attacking mid, and there are better, less expensive options for that, such as Moutinho.

barca4ever said...

yes arsenal are asking higher price for hleb instead of him barca should move on to bid for silva.but i dony think so barca will buy silva because i dont here any information about that but please barca buy silva everyone likes him to come to barcelona.PLAESE BUY SILVA

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