Thursday, 11 June 2009

Valdes exit would open door for Asenjo

Asked about the difficult renewal negotiations between Barcelona and Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés, Fernando Redondo, the agent of Real Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19), has said in an interview with Spanish newsagency EFE that this could open new perspectives for a transfer:

"If Víctor Valdés wouldn't renew his contract, that could open the door of Barcelona for Asenjo. I didn't receive any news of Barcelona lately so Barça is the one who should move now. If Valdés would leave the team, that logically would be a possibility, but we cannot know what will happen at this point.

Despite various offers, we have at this moment given the green light to the offer of Atlético Madrid. We're now waiting for the two clubs to reach an agreement and finalize everything. We're not doing anything now. Atlético is interested and both the player and we, his agents, are giving priority to the sporting arguments because he proved himself enough over the last two years to go to a team to play there. Now it's up to the clubs to deal with things and I think that sports directors Jesús García Pitarch of Atlético and Roberto Olabe of Valladolid will meet next week.

We also received an offer from Fiorentina but we've rejected it because they have Sébastien Frey for the coming four years. Given his age, we should be careful and what we want is that he plays and isn't the back-up. There's a big chance he'll be able to play at Atlético since the club wants to sign him after not having renewed the contract of Leo Franco, something the kid is taking into account."

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jordy said...

give victor and yaya the same terms, 4m a year (that's doubling toure's salary and half a million more for vv i think) and incentives.
If they accept good, if not ge asenjo and sell the for 30(vv) and 40(toure). 17millions for one of the 3 best in his position is a joke!
the same with samuel, give him the same contract untill 2013. if he accepts great, otherwise : sell or bench them!

fcbee said...

No club will pay 30 for Valdes (and certainly when he has only one year left) or 40 for Touré. 20 and 25 might be more realistic.

LeónDragón said...

what the hell means if valdes would go. the board shall renew his contract and stop s******', godamnit. toni,riise, etc, wtf, they slowly reach the top of dumbness now. hope this all stuff is a nightmare and i wake up from it

Fabiano said...

I'm sorry, Leon, but it's rather you than the board to reach the top. You seem to take every rumour produced by bored journalists serious.

I just don't get it why every so called "fan" thinks he has more knowledge about the football scene than professional managers. It hurts my head...

ej said...

leondragon , tae it easy !!!

I didnt read from anywhere that pep or laporta said they are going for toni or riise ....

its newspaper blabla.

and you want to be angry about the stuff instead about the newspapers???

i think our stuff is waiting to see what happen next , this day if you wanna sign a worldclass player you have to pay 100% more than before because of stupid RM Mcity and chelsea ....

so let them get all the players they want for 100 M Euro which we wont pay anyway and thenn after the money get finish by this crazy mafia teams we go for the best emaning players and sign what we need at that time the teams will understand that chelsea rm and City are over with there Millions and we can get players in the market prize

LeónDragón said...

to fabiano...don't start hunting what you can't kill, advice for the future...
ej...i know, cule, but sometimes i'm faster by letting my feelings out than using my clear head

James said...


El Mundo stated that Valdes asked for a contract just below Messi's. That means he wants to be paid on par or higher than Henry, Eto'o, Xavi. If our club did what you guys said and just paid Eto'o, Valdes, Yaya whatever they wanted, we'd have been bankrupt a long time ago.

Random #s:

Eto'o asks for 10 million, He gets paid 7.5 million

Valdes wants 7.5 million, We offer 4 million.

Yaya wants 6-7 million, We offer 4 million.

If we caved to their demands, over 5 years we'd lose ~8*5 = 40 million euros. 40 million euros net is what we spent on the transfer market last year. If we used that money on their contracts some fans will be crying about the lack of transfers.

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