Friday, 12 June 2009

Atletico ready to listen to offers for Aguero

Asked about the rumours linking Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio 'Kun' Agüero (21) with several European top clubs (read more here), Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has seemed to invite clubs to make a bid in an interview with Monaco radio station RMC:

"We will only start talking if we receive an interesting offer. Many people have spoken about Aguero but the truth is that Atletico have not been contacted by anyone so far."

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Anonymous said...

He is a midget, so I would rather see us go for someone else. Dzeko would be good. He gives us the strength, power and heading needed, in addition he has a wicked shot with BOTH feet. Yes, that's right, BOTH feet, which is incredible.

Brett said...

He's a great player and I'd love for him to wear the Blaugrana some day, but to be honest, now is not the time.

Anonymous said...

later will be to expensive... if we losing him to chelsea, we can forget about him...

Don Luis said...

He can play LW or CF. He is better then Bojan right now. But i rather have Barca buy Ribery.

Anonymous said...

barca will not pay 55 mio euro. chelsea or madrid or manchester or inter would. so there is only one result for that case:


no chance to see him wearning barcas jersey

we can forget ribery, too. why? because manu will pay about 60-70 mio euro because they're crazy. he is only 30 mio worth. that's crazy. so we can forget him, too.

ibrahimovic is too expensive too. david villa will sign for madrid.

i'm sure laporta will buy about 3-4 players for the bench. not one will be in the starting 11. you'll see.

Anonymous said...

Don Luis: Ribery is also a midget. I don't think aguero has played LW before. I think we need someone on that wing that can give us some width, running down the flank.

Anonymous said...

Anony: We can buy Dzeko, he is affordable, we can get him for maybe 20-25m euros I think.

fcbee said...

Dzeko seems close to Milan. Milan offers 20-25, Wolfsburg wants 30.

Anonymous said...

Think about this;


with Henry and Bojan as backup! That would be a dream.

fcbee said...

And about Aguero: he's too expensive for us anyhow, so it's not really needed to discuss. Only is he pushes his club, he could join us... In 2010.

Scano814 said...


ribery-dzeko-messi... looks nice and seems affordable

ribery-ibra-messi... looks even better but more unrealistic

I think we should snap up HERNANES fast!!!! we need midfield cover and he seems versatile enough to pay both defensive and forward roles!!! IF he is the same price as Melo, Hernanes is a better bang for your buck.

Lawrenzo said...

As usual we keep dreaming, cos Barca won't sign any of our choices. I hope pep suspends all transfers concerning ribery nd ibra cos they won't happen. Barca is disappointing us all maybe

FC BARCA said...

Aguero would be great for the left wing, but he cost way too much €. I'm very curious on who will Barça sign.

$_$ said...

felipe IN

hernanes IN = guddy out (keep Hleb the season will be too long)

Ribery IN (If not another cheap MC cuz Iniesta can play as LW and I dont see cheap LW player on the market)

Promote: Gai, Thiago, Muniesa

Toure renewing is a must as for valdes if he still wants that 9m lets go for Asenjo

I will let Eto'o to stay one more season afterall we dont want to leave on this way... And for the next season we can buy Torres cuz another trophyless season at Liv'pool is expected.

I will be glad if we trash Madrid again just to prove him that everything is not in the money

visca el barca

Søren Mortensen said...

--> Ano 1
Dzeko is a one hit wonder, a one shot gun...
He is a fine striker for a mediocre team, middel primera/serie a top bundes/championat.
Not only isn't he good enough for Barca, he is also the wrong kind of player.
Barca IS short passing, Dzeko is big thug like Shevchenko and Nistelrooy, with wery limited football skills.

Better leave him to teams who needs that kind of player.

--> Ano 3

With that attitude, we might as well through in the towel now.
In my mind Eto'o is done as a Barca player, not only does he no longer have the quality, his contract is expiring and from what I understand he won't be given a renewal, so he'll either go now or run out his contract (hopefully) with Atlétic.

Henry has but one good season left, Keita and toure is off to the ACN.

We are in need of new players:
A new center striker (Zlatan), a new forward to rotate with the three up front and take over left wing next year (Kun), a new center midfield to rotate with Xavi, Iniesta and Sergio (De Rossi/Aquilani/Cesc/Mascherano/Hernanes) and a new left back so Abidal can play backup (Filipe Luís?)

sashi said...

well said soren!

Anonymous said...

Soren: we do not have anything close to the money you want us to spend.

Anonymous said...

And Eto'os short passing sucks completely, a great finisher like Dzeko who is excellent in the air (watch the games he played against Bayern) and can finish with both feet easily is exactly what we need with all our providers. And he is affordable, not fantasy prices like Ibra.

Søren Mortensen said...

--> Ano
I refuse to believe that, how can we not have the money after a treble season, when will we ever?

Søren Mortensen said...

--> Ano
I want Eto'o out as well.
Neighter of the are good enough.

Eidur and Hleb were affordable as well, great business, right?

SJP said...

i've said many times i love aguero to come but a few days ago (before kaka n ronaldo transfer) he said no to any transfer now he has seen how much some club are willing to pay and says they might sell, that automatically puts him out of our range, i would hate to see kun playing for chelsea, united, anyone other than us but looks like its going to happen. of all the options we we should renew etoo and get llorente if they are going to persist with this big no 9 policy.

get llorente, filipe, saitor and mata. all within our budget, all know spanish game nd al very, very good squad players, we don't need any massive transfers we already have the best galacticos team in football, i don't give a f**kabout shirt sales!

sashi said...

phllleeeaaaseeee... Dzeko n Ibsevic are like a one timer,.. just burst once, tats it... we need consistent players.

Anonymous said...

Whats peoples opinion of ryan babel?Now don't rush to destroy him, but do you think that under a different manager as opposed to benitez stifling system,he could blossom into a fine winger/striker?

All the ingridients seem to be there and surely he could fit barca's dutch system i.e 4-3-3

Anonymous said...

guys, guys. what happened to eto'o. the man scored 30 goles this season. apart from the AC i can't see why we would look for a new striker. henry could be used, and bojan could finally get his break trough. at the same time messi could be played in the middle while Dani could cover the hole left side, the midtfield and defense : ' D.

what we need is a winger. and Ribery is our man.

Anonymous said...

Dzeko is incredible, sashi, just watch him play and see, he is also top scorer in the world cup qualifiers. His ability to finish them off is fantastic, that's the reason why Milan and alot of other top clubs are after him as well. We won't get Ibra, his price is 4 times as high as Dzeko, so Dzeko is the man to go for before he heads to another big club and his price triples.

TengkuAmir10 said...

i don't think barca will buy even 1 star player.villa is off to madrid.ibra,i don't think he's coming.aguero,barca wont pay so much for him.ribery,is simply impossible.i want FERNANDO TORRES!!!the handsome guy wif two eyes!!

Anurag said...

this is how things will PROBABLY (PROBABLY!!) pan out this summer -

man utd are after luis antonio valencia. because of this, and because ribery says he does NOT want to move to england, they are not going to sign him

chelsea will sign some of milan's oldies and wont sign ribery for the same reason.

so chelsea and man yoo are NOT getting ribery.

real...if they buy villa, i dont see them going for ribery either. in that case, im pretty sure ribery is ours to keep.

at the end of the window, we might have -

filipe (if we can agree on the fee)

if we do manage to sell etoo, we might even venture for ibrahimovich.

so i dont think there is much cause for worry

peter said...

Actually not that into Aguero. He didnt impress me this season. On the contrary, the matches i saw we're very weak and he dives like a swan many times. Wouldn't pay more than 25M for him. Srsly.

Xaviniesta said...

no to aguero, hes not worth his astronomical price. we shouldnt even be in a bidding competition with madrid so why do all these players keep getting mentioned? i see the same thing as anurag. we only need to deepen our bench for the tough season thats coming, we have the best players madrid sees that that should explain their desperation, we dont need all these high priced players 1st of all cos we dont have madrid's budget. we need ribery yes but pep and co are handling it well way i see it, no insane offers from us. also ibra would be a nice addition but only if the swap works out otherwise i wouldnt break the bank for him.

Nico said...

Agüero is Barca material...

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