Friday, 12 June 2009

Porto denies talks with Barcelona on Bruno Alves

Asked about the rumours linking Porto central defender and Portuguese international Bruno Alves (27) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Porto general director Antero Henrique has denied talks in an interview with Portuguese sports paper O Jogo:

"We are not negotiating with any club because of the simple fact that we didn't receive any offer, we weren't contact and nobody has asked for him. There is nothing going on with Bruno Alves, that's why we don't understand the reports that are talking about negotiations between Porto and Barcelona.

A player like Bruno Alves doesn't have a price. What we have is a buyout clause and that's 30 million euro°. Porto is the home of Bruno Alves, where he feels good and where he's loved. The president has always supported him and didn't want to sell him even when he wasn't part of the first squad. But of course the wish of Porto cannot be disconnected from the wish of the player."

Portuguese sports paper A Bola nevertheless claims that Bruno Alves will almost certainly join Barcelona this summer. Although the clubs haven't officially admitted that negotiations are ongoing, a deal would be close.

Asked about his future, Bruno Alves told journalists yesterday that he's waiting to see what could happen: "Nothing has been decided yet. We will see what will happen. I'm happy at Porto. I had a very good season but all players always look for more and better. And I'm not different than the others. I believe in my qualities but I will let things happen in a natural way. I'm not saying that I'm dissatisfied at Porto. The opposite is true. Porto has given me everything and I'm very thankful. If it's good for the club and everyone involved, we will let things happen."

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pep said...

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
26 million british pound

Don Luis said...

We got enough CB. I really would like a backup for Abidal/Alves.

Caceres played good at LB with brazil. Henrique can play RB.

skanjos said...

i am tired of all directors saying that if a team wants their player they should buy them with the buyout clause.i mean come on always the teams find a deal.just say that if they have a concrete offer they will think about it,or that the player isnt for sale its way better.

jordy said...

it would be crazy this transfer!
Besides this I like the way laporta and barça are handling. Asking VV to reconsider their proposition. If the club starts paying VV and yaya more than iniesta or xavi, things start going wrong. Yes pay them well but not the top salaries.. The hierarchy must be clear in the squad. if they can't accept that: transfer
vv 30 m
yaya 40

sashi said...

check this out!

maximi83 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maximi83 said...

laport and txiki would never buy an CB fo more than 20 mio and even that is too much. We're not Real madrid.

@Pep: Good interview from Laporta from


Barcelona’s Joan Laporta: I Would Like To Know Where Real Madrid Get Their Money
The Blaugrana supremo has been left scratching his head as to where and how his fierce rivals acquire their seemingly endless wealth…

Real Madrid’s jaw-dropping €94 million offer to Manchester United for Cristiano Ronaldo, coupled with the €65m already agreed to be paid to AC Milan for Kaka, has left football fans and pundits around the world wondering just how the Spanish titans are able to access such extravagant funds during times of an economic recession.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta is the latest to join the group of curious observers as he questioned how Los Merengues are able to afford such titanic fees.

He also continued to berate Madrid’s transfer policies while comparing it with the Blaugrana philosophy.

“We have here two very different models. We at Barca have established a concrete model based on our efforts and hard work while the other is based on the urgency to spend and take risks in order to be competitive,” he said in an interview with Tu Diras.

“We are shaping our players to become the FIFA World Player of the Year, while they are merely buying them.

“Right now, Madrid are just signing famous players and it will be difficult for them to combine all these figures together,” he cautioned.

Laporta then went on to reiterate that he will not spend excessively in the market just to purchase the player that he wants.

“Each person does what he wants with his own money, but it is important not to go astray, especially when there’s a global economic crisis,” he reasoned.

“There will always be pressure and anxiety, but we will act calmly. We have the experience to confront such situations and we have already planned for the season ahead.

“We will reinforce the necessary positions with intelligence and find players who can contribute with the proper motivation and offer the right level of fighting spirit.”

Finally, he echoed the sentiments of the club’s financial chief, Xavier Sala i Martin, when he quipped, “I would like to know where Madrid go to get their money.”

TengkuAmir10 said...

i think by bruno's face.i think he thinks this ball is,oooooh i want to have u for meal.look at his face man!!hillarious

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