Saturday, 13 June 2009

Positive evaluation of collaboration with Unicef


Barcelona president Joan Laporta travelled to New York this week to look back at the collaboration with Unicef over the past three years. The general outcome of the collaboration has been very positive with the support given to three Unicef projects which form part of the campaign "Unite For Children, Unite against Aids".

The ties between UNICEF and the FC Barcelona Foundation started in 2006 when the club signed an agreement with the international body for 5 years and an economic contribution of 1.5 million Euros per year with the aim of jointly carrying out programmes aimed at vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans or with risk of social exclusion.

In Swaziland, which is a country with the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world. Barça and UNICEF are in a race against time to stop the vicious cycle of the infection. 1.1 million people are infected, more than 30% of children are orphans, 49% of women between 25 and 29 are HIV positive and 21.5% of children are born infected. The help from Barça has enabled to increase the means for the fight against aids. Recently, the alliance with UNICEF has expanded to the countries of Malawi and Angola.

The agreement between the FC Barcelona Foundation and UNICEF is set within the programmes of collaboration that the team from Barcelona carries out with the United Nations. Besides from collaborating with UNICEF, the Fundació FC Barcelona also has pioneer alliances with UNESCO and UNHCR / ACNUR (the UN agency for Refugees).

read more about the trip to new york here and here

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Marws said...

This is one of the reasons why I love Barcelona. We are "més que un club"!!!

NouBarca said...

more than just a club. Having a betting name on your shirt aint always the

Anonymous said...

i'm happy that we help out UNICEF but i thought that we paid more than just 1.5 mill euros per year.

Anonymous said...

hiv is just a rumour without any evidence served yet. if you're interested in more, read about the "german new medicine" and read the whole story about the fake "hiv".

you need one day to understand it but you need years to imagine how all that companies (incl. unicef) are using us to make more money.

i don't want anyone to believe me. just read and make your own picture of it.

SJP said...

as has been siad this is why i love barca, long may it continue. well done laporta and all concerned.

a lesson to madrid and the EPL, think how far £80 mil would go to help unicef?

Messi108 said...

"més que un club" !!
Proud to be a Clue :)

Anonymous said...

Cule and Proud.

Més Que Un Club!!!

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