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[2008] Deal with Brazilian international Hernanes

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Brazilian sports site Lancenet claims that Barcelona has reached a deal with São Paulo attacking midfielder and Brazilian international Hernanes (23). The duration of the contract and the salary would have been agreed upon.

Barcelona would already have made a first bid of 11 million euro° for the player (read more
here) but the offer was rejected by São Paulo, who is asking 20 million euro°. It is expected that the Brazilian club will drop that asking price. The player's rights are owned by São Paulo, sports marketing agency Traffic and Hernanes' agent Joseph Lee.

Brazilian football site Blog do Boleiro claims that São Paulo sports director Marco Aurélio Cunha met last week with Traffic representative Frederico Penna, who informed the club that he had the authorization to start the negotiations which could lead to Hernanes joining Barcelona.

Traffic offered São Paulo 8 million euro° for 75 per cent of the transfer rights on the player but the club didn't even want to discuss the possibility of selling the player. Hernanes would have a São Paulo buyout fee of 16 million euro°.

Asked about the rumours linking him with a summer move to Europe, Hernanes said to journalists that he can only wait and see what will happen: "I wait for a statement by São Paulo. Without that, there's no transfer."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain will travel to Brazil next week together with Barcelona head scout for South Amercia Pep Costa to watch the game between Brazil and Argentina and to talk directly with São Paulo officials.

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

11 million euro =
17 million us dollar
8,5 million british pound

20 million euro =
30,5 million us dollar
16 million british pound

8 million euro =
12,5 million us dollar
6,5 million british pound

16 million euro =
24,5 million us dollar
12,5 million british pound

ife said...

pls buy this guy.let him replace deco,becos he can pass and shoot from outside which barca need.

Anonymous said...

buy him and hleb or diego

Kxevin said...

If we get this guy, Hleb can go rot. We'll then have to turn our attentions to a striker, preferably one with a head.

Sao Paulo is going to try to drive the price up, and other teams are defintely interested. Wonder if other teams scouts follow each other around? Either way, he wants to come, we want him to come, and Sao Paulo is resigned to the fact that he's outta there.

It would be quite the grab. He's an exciting young player with a HUGE up-side. Plus, he has two feet, which is rare in the game. When you surround him with talent, he makes everyone around him better, and they make him better.

Anonymous said...

I guess it looks like Barcelona will pay 16mil for him since that's his buyout clause. I can't say wether that's a fair price or not, considering I've never seen the lad play. Is he more of a central "holding" midfielder like Xavi or more of an upfront midfielder like Iniesta? And does this mean that Barca will give up the chace for Hleb (hopefully) and Moutinho? (would still like to have him.) And last but not least, realistically how long will it take before he's ready to crack the starting XI?

Anonymous said...

This would be the best buy of the lot in my opinion. I had actually heard a lot of very good things about this guy before we were even linked to him. He is quite simply an incredible young talent, the next Kaka, could even be better because he is astonishingly two footed (which is v.rare). Here is a clip I found:

If he lives up to his potential then 16million is a bargain.....

pep said...

A note on the price:

if I understand it well (in South America you really have strange ownerships, we saw it in the caceres case too, although this seems even more complicated)
that 16 million euro would be the buyout clause for the 75 per cent that Sao Paulo owns. So then you still have to pay for the other 25 per cent (from that agency and his agent). Although it seems that Sao Paulo wouldn't hold on to that buyout fee.

Let's see how it ends...

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