Thursday, 11 June 2009

Quote of the day: Sala i Martin

I can assure that we won't pay 65 million for one player. For that price we bought the whole team that won the Champions League in Rome.

Xavier Sala i Martín, Barcelona board member


pep said...


"I don't knwow where those 300 millions Florentino Pérez intends to invest in transfers come from. He says that he will get it back by selling shirts but you have to sell 30 million shirts for that and that's just imposible."

peter said...


Dan R said...

El Mundo Deporivo published an article when Madrid signed Kaka saying the total cost of the purchased players who started the CL Final was 61m Euros, 4 millions LESS than what Madrid payed for Kaka...

Rivaldo said...

I WONDER HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD AGREE WITH ME IF I SAY NOW COULD BE A GOOD TIME TO GO FOR NANI AS A WINGER WE NEED. FOR ME HE HAS SPEED,HE SCORES.. BALL CONTROL AND BEING AN PORTUGAL PLAYER HE COULD EASILY ADAPT TO PLAYING WITH THE BALL (i.e. passing cause i know he likes the ball)PLUS IN TERMS OF DEVELOPMENT....HE HAS LOTS TO GO AND CAN BE AS GOOD AS CRISTIANO....just a thought...think about it....what do you think pep, and Ramzi,Barca4life, Kami,Kxevin????....Please think about it carefully and respond. sorry about the caps just wanted it to be noticed.

Rivaldo said...

Yea i read some replies to my comment and i agree that fergie might use him more now...but he could also o for ribery and Nani is right now (I'm sure ) a much cheaper option...He doesn't play regularly....They'll probably convince him he'll play more with CR out ..and probably If Tevez is gone too. But this could be a good option. I forget that he grew in terms od strength due to playing in the Epl too. Thanks guys

Anonymous said...

"Rivaldo" - nani is good, but i think we must go for ribery.

inieeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

come on- nani isn't barça material.

if no Ribery- then Silva/ Zhirkov
everyone else would be a disappointment to me...

Kxevin said...

At first blush, I wonder what Nani could do that Krkic couldn't, except cost money?

I doubt Ribery will move this summer, but we'll see. We have to improve, without question. Standing pat is, as I have said before, not a valid tactical option.

But we also have to make intelligent purchases. Everyone loves Ribery, and I like his talent a lot. But does anyone see him displacing any member of our attack? Which means what? Good question.

ej said...

To all who are ungry about our laporta pep and txiki because they are not signng players this days:

i think our stuff is waiting to see what happen next , this day if you wanna sign a worldclass player you have to pay 100% more than before because of stupid RM Mcity and chelsea ....

so let them get all the players they want for 100 M Euro which we wont pay anyway and thenn after the money get finish by this crazy mafia teams we go for the best remaning players and sign what we need at that time the teams will understand that chelsea rm and City are over with there Millions and we can get players in the market prize

i am Proud that my barca is not that crazy to make this cash race in a time where moe people are losing there jobs , for me it is even ok not to buy 1 player this season (if the market stay like this) we had a treble last season so let some new faces play much minutes give gai , bojan ,hleb chances to play and if we give the new generation the experience they need ad we finish only second in laliga i wont mind .

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

Guys, can someone tell me please what's the name of that player that should come to us -- he should be a backup for Alves. Guardiola said to him that we are following him, and he will cost us nothing because his contract expired. He is 28 i think.

Anyone?? THanks.

ej said...

@ Pep .

let me tell you how Perez gonna get his cash back.

he is clever , he got the most hated player in the world (CR)in the other hand he still have the most crazy Gorilla Soccer player in the world (Pepe).

so a hiddencam in the dressingroom showing how pepe is beating cr in the face will get him hs cash back (to be honest i will pay for seeing this too)

maybe someone can make a funny charictur from that...

Barca nerd-fan said...


Hamsik, M.Fernandes or Moutinho(15-20mil)
Henrique(from loan)


If Eto'o leaves(25-30mil):
Tevez(Henry up front, Tevez left wing)
Dzeko & Ribery(50-60mil together, add hleb in Ribery deal to reduce price)

Barca nerd-fan said...

Next year's squad:

GK: VV,Pinto, Oier
RB: Alves, Saltor, (Puyol)
LB: Abidal, Muniesa, (Puyol
CB: Puyol, Pique, Marquez, Milito, Henrique
DM: Yaya, Busquets
CM: Xavi, Iniesta, Keita, Hamsik, Thiago
LW: Henry(Tevez, Ribery), Jeffren, Gai
RW: Messi, Pedro, Hleb
CF: Eto'o(Henry, Villa), Bojan, (Dzeko)

Anonymous said...

Pepe has been begging for Ronaldo to come to Madrid for a while now.

TengkuAmir10 said...

@iloveboobsandbarca,the guy's name is bruno alves

Anonymous said...

"ej" you'r not wright! just remeber Alves transfer. He has a better offer but accept our because he likes our playing style ,he likes Barca. Like Messi said: "there are thinks that money can't buy". If a player would like to join us, he will do this even if a lower fee and wage will be offered. We don't have to wait till madrid end's their money. If we like a player, than we don't need to wait, we have to inform him know about our interes.

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