Sunday, 9 August 2009

Friendly 5: Chivas Guadalajara-Barcelona 1-1


Pique (45 Puyol)
Muniesa (45 Fontàs)
Maxwell (45 Abidal)

Toure (45 Busquets)
Keita (45 Gudjohnsen)
Xavi (45 Jonathan)

Henry (45 Bojan)
Messi (45 Jeffren)

49 Morales 1-0
65 Bojan 1-1


yellow cards
19 Araujo
59 Pineda


out of match squad
Victor Sanchez

Friendly 1: Tottenham-Barcelona 1-1
Friendly 2: Al Ahly - Barcelona 1-4
Friendly 3: Los Angeles Galaxy-Barcelona 0-4
Friendly 4: Seattle Sounders-Barcelona 0-4


Anonymous said...

Bojan scored, not Pedro.

Anonymous said...

how did we play did muniesa fontas bojan pedro and jeffren have a good match? last year result wz better but well inesta nt there yet nor ibra

Anonymous said...

whoa..last year we definitely played better...the score was 5 - 2.....scorers included CACARES and HLEB and ETO ! lol all of them r out now....

John-Reid said...

they still played well even though they tied.

Barca Brn said...

Henrique Being out of the squad means Pep will probabbly loan him out again...and honestly speaking I think that's the right decision.

barca nike said...

so there was no substitute GK.

Anonymous said...

@ Barca Brn,

I think your right, or he must have been injured...


Anonymous said...


mike in africa said...

full squad review (player ratings) anyone?

dzonii said...

pedro is fantastic,much better than last year,for me he's better than mata

Unknown said...

ok mike in africa. gonna do this style

Valdes 6.5 not much to do, had little chance on the goal they scored
Pique 7.5 looked confident and brought the ball forward well
Muniesa 5.5 lost the ball a few times unnecessarily
Maxwell 6 was fairly anonymous, only did safe passes and didnt mess up
Alves 7.5 was the best player in the second half, dribbled and passed with great drive and his cross lead to Bojans goal
Touré&Keita cant rate them since I couldnt tell them apart on the low quality stream heh.
Messi 6.5 had a nice bicycle kick that went wide. didnt create much
Henry 5.5 looked a bit uninspired, his passing and runs were too predictable
Xavi 6.5 set up Messis bicycle kick with a nice chip pass
Pedro 6.5 moved around well and setup an opportunity for Henry
Bojan 6 scored a tap-in and wasn't involved in much else

DzuM said...

for me pedro deserve for 7 especially he played well in the 2nd half very nice

mike in africa said...

thx sune for the scores. i like ur comment abt keita & toure. i kno wat u saying, wen toure fell heavily on his back going up for a header a couple of games ago, i thought it was keita until they zoomed in in replay. just need keita to put on a bit more weight tho.

ratty88 said...

The game was awesome there! i was waving my messi jersey at cars decked in chivas stuff on the bay bridge and they were getting pissed. i have plenty of photos il try and post up here soon. from the third row! it was great to see this team and our beautiful trophies!

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