Saturday 15 August 2009

Messi will miss first league game

Speaking to Catalan radio station RAC 1, the president of the Argentinian football association Julio Grondona has said that Barcelona attacker Lionel Messi won't be able to play the first league game with Barcelona:

"This is something that has already been agreed upon between Guardiola and Maradona. There's no problem about that."

Barcelona will play against Sporting on Monday 31 August, while Argentina faces Brazil on Saturday 5 September. Players should be at the disposal of their national team five days before a game. This way, Barcelona right back defender Dani Alves could also miss the first league game.

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Messi could miss first league game


Anonymous said...

Team against Sporting?


barca4life said...

No Ibra Iniesta Marquez and hopefully henry should be back by then


Puyol Marquez Abidal Maxwell
Xavi Iniesta
Bojan Ibra Henry

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Why not take 3 weeks to play with there national team, 4 or 5 times a year so there is no problem for the clubs who pay the players...

FIFA is a stupid organisation

Anonymous said...

Puyol/the new RB - Pique - Puyol/Marquez - Abidal

Iniesta - Xavi

Bojan - Zlatan - Henry

? Pretty descent though

JR said...

Argentina's game against Brazil is pretty crucial for the WC qualification, therefore I wouldn't have that much problems with missing Messi for the game against Sporting.

For the first time since as long as I can remember Argentina are in a serious situation where they might find themselves not qualifying for the WC. And no Argentina and no Messi at the WC would be a damn shame.

Barca>madrid said...

we loose messi for a should be easy match but we gain a super classic packed with super stars WOOT good trade

fcbee said...

Club before country! And why can't the Uefa Super cup be played on a Wednesday, why does it always has to be on a Friday which messes up the weekend game for the teams playing?

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