Saturday, 15 August 2009

Barcelona has 60 more millions to spend

Spanish radio station Cadena Ser claims that Barcelona still has 60 million euros° the club can spend this summer.

The main transfer objectives would be Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22) and a right back defender.

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pep said...

60 million euros =

86 millions dollars
52 million british pounds

Furymaker said...

This sounds great :)
45 - 50mil for Cesc and 10 for Eboue or something like it :)

Marc4barca said...

where the hell does this money come from, our budget keep raising or this is a lie. sign mascherano over cesc cause cesc will be much cheaper next year after arsenal fail to qualify for cl.

fcbee said...

You can't believe this. Another 60 milliosn woudl be insane.

Keirrison: 14 + Maxwell: 5 + Zlatan: 70 - Eto'o: 20

So that's already 70 millions. With no players leaving (for serious money), another 60 would mean 130 while the board first had said we had 30-35 to spend and then suddenly 60-80. Let's hope they're know what they're doing and Laporta is not spending like crazy to end on a high.

Anonymous said...

Sign Ribery and throw Guddy in there also

MiDO H. said...

well probably this money will stay in our pockets for now ... or maximum we will spend like 10 for eboué i guess... but we will spend like hell in the winter transfer window cuz we aint gonna sign anybody in this summer :) MARK MY WORDS CULES ;)

groga said...

Looking back, it seems to have been a mistake to let Hleb go to Stuttgart on loan.

You cannot see him come back next year and we perfectly could have used him in some deal.

skanjos said...

this sounds right,the lie was the 30mil we heard first...we are the tremble champions ,as much as you dont admit it the team earned alot of cash last season,and this season we have to change the squad drasticaly,we already made a great change in the striker area,now we need to do so in midfield.getting cesc is an investment.

what if we get cesc now and next year we are ready to go without any major transfer and by only adding youth players.we dont have to spend every year,but why spend again next season and not spend a little more now since we are building a team for the future too.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Nice budget, enough for two or three good player. So many good solutios:

Fabregas 50 + Eboue 8

Hulk 30+ Guddy+Henrique + Moutinho 25 + Cicinho 5

Aguerro 50 + Eboe 8

Fabregas 50 + Hulk 30 + Cicihno 5,
-Keitha, Henrique, Guddy and Hleb is something abouth 60 millions and that would be the best solution for me

Unknown said...


You come up with some computer games solutions. Firstly you seem obsessed with HULK who in my opinion is not even barca quality, and besides if his transfer fee won,t be cheap as porto don't seem to be where you can sign cheap bargains anymore. Also I would never even think of getting aguero what will he bring us, i watched him many times for argentina and im afraid him along side messi will not achieve much, and why on earth would we want to sign a 29 year old real madrid failiure cicinho?. Also everyone is referring to the boards statement of the funds we had of 30-35 million as a lie, it wasn't a lie it is something we call as clever, the last thing we want is for everyone to know we have 70-80 million so they can take us for mugs and overprice players we want because the scum florentino perez decided to destroy the market with his wholesale buying and over the top prices.

txikidracula formerlyknownasthebackseatstrangler said...

fabregas just did a double double. two goals & two assists. half a week to go to sign him & i gotta feeling he's way too important to arsenal for them to let go of. not even 60 million will do it in my opinion. how much will he be worth next year? are barca/rosell/laporta's adopted successor willing to pay that price?

Fenderek said...

Hulk is nowhere near Barcelona class. Rochina is probably better already- and if not, he will be in two years.

Conako said...

Keep it to winter and bring Robinho or Ribéry.

We can wait to winter!

ElBananero said...


Marws said...

forgett about cesc, bring in jonathan for midfield and some cheap right back

MiDO H. said...

i agree with 'Shbabeek'
funny name tho :P it means 'Windows'

HouseMD said...

Yeah, really nice budget.
Regarding Cesc, he's great, but I don't think that Wenger will sell him, especially after today's game. In that case, he'll lose another key player + Arsenal aim to achieve something this season after all.
So, 60M is fairly enough to get a few good players, defender, midfielder and left winger.
And yes, to my neighbor Bosnian, Hulk is not a Barca quality player and giving 30M for him is ridiculous.
My suggestions:
Defender - Eboue (5-10M)
Midfielder - Kompany (15M)
Left wing - Affelay or Arda Turan (15M)

Why Eboue? Due to his age/quality/experience/price ratio. The only problem is if he's ready to accept a bench role.
Why Kompany? Because he's starting to lose his position at Man City (de Jong, Barry and Ireland are playing on that position). He's just what Barca need, a player which can play defender and def mid.. Tall, strong, great pace and stamina. Also, a natural replacement for Keita.
Why Affelay? Overmars scouted him and told Barca to get him. Most important, he's natural replacement for Eidur and versatile attacking mid.. He can replace Messi, Iniesta and Henry.
Arda Turan - left winger and one of the best young players in the world on that position.

There are also Veloso, Moutinho, Hamsik, Meirelles.

skanjos said...

sanur m8 even if it is like you say ,did it work?did the boards "we only have to spend 30mil" work? short answer no.we bought ibra for 50...and we still have the funds to chase cesc

so please dont call it clever,on the contrary its dumb business.took us 2 months to clear eto and his sub.and we bought a left back on the way.5-7 players left(lost the count).sorry but we need to spend more 2-3 more players are needed and they should hurry .....alot...

txikidracula theartistformerlyknowasthebackseatstrangler said...

eboue would head back to the motherland for the african cup w/cote d'ivoire along w/toure & keita for mali so i'd rather have cicinho or better yet grygera for that matter. mino raiola is the juventus right back's agent to boot.

Anurag said...

cesc and eboue/cicinho, and we are set for a superb 2009/10 season.

did you see cesc play today? he was amazing, as was every arsenal player on the pitch. really impressive stuff.

txikidracula said...

cesc was pretty anonymous, i thought, but then he made the simplest yet most beautiful pass to denilson for that great strike. then came vermaelen's header, thanks to shitty everton's marking. fabregas' first goal came off his left leg thanks to a pass from van persie...his second goal was all him. he really likes taking that shot...did it against macedonia & hit the post...scored vs roma that same way too.

Manolo said...

How the fuck do we get these kind of money?

They said in the beggining of the summer that 30 is enough and now 60 left when we've brought Ibra,Maxwell and Keirrison!
Was that Microsoft !? lol

HOUSEMD I totaly agree with u there are alots of players on the market that we can buy instead of buy Cesc.

Hamsik,Veloso,Moutinho,Arteta,de Jong,Kompany,Affelay,Arda so many.
But they are talents who can be very good and Cesc is like 60 years of age in his soul and mind on the pitch,so experienced and still so young on the outside.

So if we XAvi gets injured we will do very good if not the same without him.

Buy a worldclass rotationplayer and a guy who can take Xavis place for sure in the future and a left back or to muy 1-2 young talents and a left back.

I would go for Cesc and the LB cuz talents are growing like on trees nearby Camp Nou.

barca4life said...

Moutinho is indeed cup tied. I suggested him earlier but he is in fact cup tied having played in the champions league qualifiers

skanjos said...

so moutinho is out of the picture,anyway i rate veloso highter even if they play other positions,veloso would help us more .but cesc is the man for the job and the guy we should be after,if we fail i see silva as the only alternative option

Anonymous said...

Cesc is not available people. Get it through your heads and accept it. Arsenal are not going to sell him.

Anonymous said...

aren't veloso & moutinho on same team!?

Unknown said...


Agree with your reply earlier.

I don't like Portuguese players for some reason majority of them don't do well for big clubs despite their stardom, ability and of course fees. The only Portuguese who cracked it was Figo at Barca but the scum deserved the failiure at Madrid.

barca4life said...

If we have 60 why didnt we want to pay 20 for chygrynskiy? Not that I am complaining, buying a player that cant play in the CL doesnt make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Use them on one or two good players(Ribery,Robinho,Van Persie,Babel,Kalou the list goes on and on stop focusing on such crappy players) instead of getting 3-4 crappy/backup players

LeónDragón said...

moutinho, robinho, veloso, de jong?
to me, ain't worth to think about them, as they not more as average players, except robinho, who's diving-skills and baby-boy-behave make him the most s****y option of all for me.
nobody knows how much money barca really have or had, but hope our next signing is better than most names here called.
would bring now some names in it, but waste of time, as there is no influence of, also me, here.
just hope for the best, like cesc, mascherano, etc

LeónDragón said...

veloso would have more chances to become a model for wella design or paul mitchell, looking like a male barbie-blonde-back-packer, as a good player at barca, and robinhos best would be as actor in the bill cosby show or as the new steve urkel



Brimwa said...

to be honest Cesc aint coming...well thts how i see it, Eboue will be going to play for his country in Africa, so the only best option is to get someone like RIbery (which is unlikely),Douglas Costa - prospect for the future.. (can play either wings so perfect cover for Henry and Messi), David Silva, or Aguero.... Jesus Navas(maybe)...Diego Capel too...
there is a vast number of wingers to buy... the problem is, deciding who would fit perfectly with the barca players and the barca way of play... (we dont want another flop ie Hleb)
now to the Right be honest i dont know any right backs that are good enough... Maicon is gd but i doubt Mourinho will be able to part with one of his key players...

anyways we will see what will happen in the next week cuz i see alot happening over the next 7 days

Anonymous said...

Guys come to reality... We do NOT need Fabregas. We have Iniesta to step up to the '4' or the latest '6' role after Xavi. All we need to do right now is buy a decent back up for CB, CDM(so that Busquee could concentrate more at CM) & LW. I hope Laporta does buy a super star for his SO-CALLED political reasons not at CM but at LW who could play in Iniesta's position as well, you know some one like Ribery, not exactly Ribery though because that's more impossible than getting Fab, say some one like Arda, who even if not a star now could earn his popularity among cules by the time of next elections.
I hope we win 3 or more trophies this season(3 being super-copas & world cup) and one of the 6 new signings Ibra, Maxwell, Kerri & the 3 others gaining a huge popularity.
I want one of the current Canteras to grow into THE most promising prodigy. And would be the most happiest cule may be if it were Busquets :) That way Laporta's candidate would be winning the elections, the Laporta's achievements won't be gone wasted and we won't have to accept the rat back :)

PS : Fab's game was NOT so great today except for may be his pass to Denilson to set up the first goal.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous to say that Hulk ain't Barca quality. Even the Benfica and Sporting fans are praising him. He has such massive potential just waiting to be exploited by Guardiola. If he just improves his movements, there is no reason why he shouldn't be able to score 35+ goals a season for us.

barca4life said...

Ok lets bring some reason to this discussion. We arent buying big names just for the sake of it. We wanted cesc and mascherano for a specific purpose. To fill in for Iniesta Xavi Henry and maybe even zlatan if we slid henry to CF and Iniesta to LW. We want either somebody that can play across our front line and is willing to take some bench time(why we loaned out keirrison i dont know) or somebody that can give xavi a rest and allow iniesta to slide to the LW. Calling Hulk and all sorts of names does not make sense to me. Moutinho and Veloso are cup tied and City are not going to sell Robinho they want big names, cash means nothing to them. Valencia dont want to sell us mata far less david silva or david villa and honestly if we are down to jesus navas and Capel I feel we are better off going with Jeffren Pedro and Gai

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