Friday, 14 August 2009

Bojan ready to start in the super cup

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona player Bojan Krkic (18) has said that he expects that there's a chance he will start in the first leg of the Spanish super cup against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday:

"The coach didn't yet tell us anything about who will play, but with all the players who are not sure and with that little time to recover, I guess I might play. But let's hope we all will be available. Being a starter doesn't mean added stress, because I've been a starter all my life.

I feel good at the three forward positions, not only as centre forward. I've always said that a football player never stops learning. I'm on the verge of turning 19 years old and I'm just starting to learn. I feel good both in the centre as on the wings and I should prove to the coach that I'm good enough.

Playing with Pedro and Jeffren? I know Jeffren better because I've played with him at the B-team. We're three players who have proven during the pre-season that we have the quality to from the attacking line of Barça. You have to believe in the youth academy players, because they have the quality and the rest will follow.

I'm surprised about the ease and the elegance with which Ibrahimovic moves. It's nice to see it live. As a person he's a modest guy with a good personality. I have to learn a lot from him, like from all the others, because there's a reason why they are the best players in the world. From Eto'o, I learned his ambition and winning spirit. The fact of seeing his reaction if things didn't work out fine. To see that he only thought about scoring."

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skanjos said...

i hope bojan could get the positioning of eto but that comes naturaly and i think the kid already shows some prospect in that expertise :).if they want bojan as striker they need to bulk him up with a little more muscle though.

Anonymous said...

Now he's getting the chances to play he was asking for. He's got the first few matches to prove how good he is.

barca4life said...

Yup time to back up my endless defence of yourself with some performances Bojan. I said give you time, dont fail me now.

Anonymous said...

I see this season as breakthrough season for Bojan...make or break? You decide kid.

HH said...

I'm also one of the people who predict a Bojan-breakthrough this season. I'm really looking foward to it. Don't fail :-)

SimonP said...

I thought Bojan almost lost his talent during last season until the Copa del Rey final. His goal showed what an extreme talent he is and if he can perform and make numbers like that all the time he could be a quality player for us.

If Pep shows confidence in him next season he should be able to score 10+ goals in the league alone.

Blaugrana AUA said...

Make or break?...He's still 18 ffs...patience is a virtue dudes!

Iason said...

Exactly, Valencia has this promising winger who just become a starter. He is 23 or 24 I think.

barca nike said...

lason, maybe you mean Pablo Hernandez

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