Saturday, 15 August 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


Barça and the player are pressuring Wenger to convince him before Tuesday

Fàbregas knows that Pep wants him, but the Arsenal coach says 'no'

In England, they confirm that Bojan could be part of the deal

Guardiola will let Messi leave with Argentina

Eboué, waiting for a call by Txiki


blaugrana1 said...

no means no...atleast when it comes to wenger.

The board waited the whole transfer window as they thought they would have landed mascherano, which would have moved toure upfront more. now that madrid beat and signed alonso (liverpool were never gona sell both players) they the board decide to go after cesc.

This is really not good for barca's image. It shows that they did not have a clear transfer project from the start.

Anonymous said...

Though cesc is a catalan and a good Player and i desparately need him back in the team,i really do not want bojan to be part of this deal.he's a great prospect for the future alongside thiago,rochina,muniesa.

blaugrana1 said...

i agree anony...i really want bojan to stay. However, under wenger bojan will become much better.

However, i doubt wenger will want a loan.

Plus, we do not have another striker except for zlatan and bojan. So i highly doubt bojan will b leaving.

Bojan is gna be barca's Raul....

Anonymous said...

blaugrana1 there's Henry too.
Barcelona image is great wherever I look, maybe not in your eyes, but Wenger was saying early in the summer that he wants to manage Arsenal in the same way this board manages Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

what about when we got Ibrahimovic and Maxwell instead of Villa and Felipe? were those two transfers bad for Barcelona image?
Madrid(can't believe how many so called fans repeat their names here on Barca forum again...) are spending by debt which is not our model, if you don't like it, support other teams that "have a clear transfer project from the start."
further more, Madrid(again...) are spending for two summers, since they sold Robinho and signed only fringe players last season.
enough of the M word please.

Anonymous said...

Atleast he shud force his exit and save his face although i very much doubt wenger is gonna leave his talisman for something soo cheap. He managed to milk 25 mill for a sulking and unwanted adeb.

Forcing his exit might atleast help him regain the lost faith among the fans.

blaugrana1 said...

i meant image as in, barca is running after players too late..

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