Friday, 14 August 2009

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The transfer of Cesc would give a lot of options to Guardiola, who thinks he can play together with Xavi and Iniesta

Messi is doubtful for Bilbao


noder said...

In that case we'd play with 4 midfielderz: Toure DM, Xavi-Iniesta-Cesc CM, Messi ST, Zlatan CF

309 said...

those 3 persons are the most desired midfielder for most of coaches in Europe. If barca can acquired cesc it means no lack of offensive playing and creativity from mid section of the team.

But the problem would be lack of defensive capabilities from the midfielder.

Ramzi said...

Iniesta will have to rotate with henry on the left and Cesc/Xavi in the midfield.

They cant play in the modfield together.

I will analyse the advantages and disadvantages of such option if Cesc signed. I still doubt it will happen.

Nacko said...

well ramzi now i hope cesc comes cuz i really like your posts =)
asss for the player:
was I the only one whoheard him said it would be a dificult choice betwen barca and rmd?
let him rot in arsenal
pardon my language=)

SJP said...

dont know if he said he'd find it difficult to choose. journo asked if his parents would support him if he played for madrid, he said they would. stupid question from journalist. would cesc ever play for madrid, who knows?

Jerry_prez said...

No!!! Thanks!!!
No no no... I hope that this is just for the newspaper.
Don't think that we need Cesc in the near future, I mean when we still have Xavi in his peak, that's like about 2-3 years more.
We really need a Defensive Midfielder, especially when African Cup starts.

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