Thursday, 13 August 2009

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The player will try to force his Arsenal exit because he wants to play at Barça next season

Ibra is already training with the group

Further tests for Messi


blaugrana1 said...

"HHHEEE wants to play at barca next season" !

I highly doubt that, a few weeks ago he was talking about how excited he is to start the new season..with ARSENAL.

This summer was awful..pep wanted villa, filipe luis, masherano and chygrinsky.

i cant complain about maxwell or ibra! but that just shows how barca didnt get who they really wanted..unlike madrid

groga said...

Pep wanted to get rid of Eto'o and replace him by Ibra (Villa was only second choice). He got what he wanted but that also meant there's less money for other transfers... You can't have it all.

xaviniesta said...

i kind of read about a project thats gonna earn barca some money (200 mil +). wont say what cos its speculative at this point but if it happens we would have a sizable budget for the january transfer window.

fcbee said...

That money will be used to remodel the stadium, so don't think so. You're too optimisitc... ;)

Cliff Burton said...

We could have most of our transfer targets. In this Fabregas case, if we approach him behind Arsenal's back, presenting a Ferrari with card saying "Reserve for Fabregas (when you are here)" at Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper parking space, or using some models/serial WAG ala Nuria Bermúdez to seduce Cesc.. Don't forget, declare interest towards Cesc every month, even during transfer window closes. Oh.. Also pressure Arsene Wenger by telling that they are treating Cesc as slave. Any means necessary.

Ok. Sorry for ranting...

On serious note, I hope this deal over as soon as possible. Big clubs like Arsenal would not appreciate last minute transfers involving their star players because they have shorter time to find a replacements.

xaviniesta said...

lol fcbee youve heard about it too. there's bound to be some spare change ;)

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