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[2008] Tottenham manager denies Eto'o interest

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Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (27) with a move to his club (read more here), Tottenham manager Juande Ramos has said in an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport that the striker is not an option for his club:

"I can only say that at this point I don't know anything about that. We have a list of forwards we're interested in and that's the one we're working on, which is not the one composed by journalists and agents."

About the rumours linking Tottenham forward and Bulgarian international Dimitar Berbatov (27) with Barcelona (read more here), Ramos said that he's unaware of that also: "No one of Barcelona has asked me anything about Berbatov. I'm not aware of any talks or negotiations. I only know the things that have been reported in the press. I don't know if Berbatov will stay with us or not. We're waiting to see what will happen."

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cojonudo said...

I would think it would be easier for Tottenham to offer Berbatov a raise than to assume Eto'o's salary which A.) they probably couldn't afford and B.) even if they somehow could afford it, would destroy the whole wage structure currently in place at the club.

The bottom line is that Berbatov's raise wouldn't come close to matching Eto'o's current wage demands. Tottenham would be better served holding onto Berbatov and saving a significant amount of money in the process - at the same time avoiding distabilization amoung it's players over perceived discrepancies in wages.

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