Saturday, 15 August 2009

Eto'o: "I've defended the shirt as my life"

Speaking to Catalan radio station TV3, Inter Milan forward Samuel Eto'o looked back at his time at Barcelona with gratitude:

"Thanks to my former team-mates and the fans, I have been able to live all those dreams and to defend the Barça shirt as if it was my own live. I arrived at Barça and I met team-mates, but when I left I had friends and another family.

Despite all the talk about the fans not wishing me the best, I take this chance and I say that this is not true: the fans have always showed me their affection, in a different way. I've played five years at the Camp Nou, at Barça, and I'm one of the few players that got boed. Only once, and it wasn't for football reasons.

I felt comfortable in Barcelona. That's why I will keep on living in Catalonia. I think that when I retire, I will be living between Catalonia and Mallorca."

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Humankind said...

This guy is a legend.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

u will always be loved and remembered by us !!!!!!!!!!!!

barca nike said...

thhanks Samu

Unknown said...

Between Catalonia and Mallorca, what is there except water?

Smogen said...

legend, loved and we wish you the best! except if inter would play Barca in CL. :)

Manolo said...

He can't let go of Barca as van Bommel and Ronaldinho :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he will get a standing ovation the next time Inter come to Camp Nou !!

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