Saturday, 15 August 2009

Ex-Barça: Romario to play with America

Brazilian second division club América has on Thursday officially announced that former Barcelona striker and Brazilian international Romário (43) has agreed to come out of retirement to play some games with the club.

In a reaction, Romario told journalist that his father was a supporter of the club and would have wanted his son to join them at some point in his career: "I'm preparing to play and should be registered next week. I will feature in one or two official matches to realise my father's dream."

Romarío is currently sports director of América. Last year, the Brazilian striker announced his retirement as active football player after his contract with Brazilian first division club Vasco da Gama had expired.

Arriving from Dutch club PSV Eindhoven in the summer of 1993, Romário played one and a half season for Barcelona. Due to disciplinary problems, "O Baixinho" (the little one) left for Flamengo in January of the year 1995. Romário won the Spanish league title with Barcelona in 1994, becoming that same season the top goalscorer in the Liga with 30 goals. In the same year, he won the Spanish Super Cup with the team.

In 1994, Romário won the World Cup in the United States with the Brazilian national team and was awarded the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball. At the end of that year, he was chosen FIFA World Player of the Year.

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H said...

disciplinary problems ?
can someone please tell me what were those problems ?

SimonP said...

I don't know for sure but I would guess that he didn't want to train.

Parreira once said that Romario was the laziest player he ever met. He also dropped him before the 94' World Cup but changed his mind in the last minute.

Anonymous said...

He is basically broke . That is why he has to come back out of retirement over and over and over . Some athletes have little concept of saving for the future . Will the same thing happen to the likes of Ronaldinho,Ronaldo(not the fake one) and Eto'o ?

fcbee said...

He will just play a couple of games apparently. In the second league in Brazil. Doesn't look a money thing to me. If so, he could have gone to some Arab league or to Uzbekistan.

Anonymous said...

It was recently reported that Romario had to sell a luxury residence to cover some of his debts !!

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

@ SimonP can be he was lazie... Buth he scored very easely!
Never forgett his staying at Barça and his hattrick against Real!!!

the lazie player who scored 30 goals that season! Cruijff made a mistake when he leth him go...

Romário what an unbelievable player!

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