Friday 14 August 2009

Marquez wants to renew for three more years

Asked about his contract renewal (read more here), Barcelona central defender and Mexican international Rafael Márquez (30), whose current contract expires in 2010, has said at a press conference that he would like to renew for three more years:

"Hopefully I will be able to renew with Barcelona for another three years. There's nothing concrete yet, but we're negotiating.

I think they're now trying to sign more players, they're more worried about that than about cases like mine of the one of Puyol because he hasn't yet renewed either.

I guess that we're two important players within the team and I'm sure that before the league starts, we could already have renewed and be more calm to start the season."

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backseatstizl said...

Anonymous said...

They should totally renew his contract he deserves it. Barca really do need him. He has the ability to start the attack from the defense with those amazing long passes. Nobody else can do those kind of passes in the defense. I hope people remember those passes from him and stop trash talking about him. Guardiola likes how he plays and that is why he is still on the team.

Unknown said...

If he does renew for another 3, I do hope Pep use him more as a DM as opposed to a CB. Maybe use him only as a CB cover.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen him play as a DM. Has anybody? Is he good? Better than his role at CB

peter said...

Im getting REALLY annoyed with the board now. For gods sake. Make the transfers needed, don't loan out half of our team, and goddamn renew our most valuable players!

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