Sunday, 2 August 2009

Friendly 3: Los Angeles Galaxy-Barcelona

Pinto (45 Valdés)

Alves (45 Puyol)
Marquez (30 Henrique) (60 Pique)
Muniesa (45 Fontàs)
Maxwell (45 Abidal)

Toure (45 Busquets
Dos Santos (45 Xavi)
Keita (45 Victor Sanchez)

Bojan (45 Jeffren)
Messi(45 Henry)
Pedro (45 Gudjohnsen)

11 Pedro 0-1
44 Beckham 1-1
66 Jeffren 1-2


yellow cards
43 Toure


out of match squad

Friendly 1: Tottenham-Barcelona 1-1
Friendly 2: Al Ahly - Barcelona 1-4


Don Luis said...

Jonathan! Very good game, lovely pass to Bojan whom he almost scored.

Glad to see Rafa back. Loved the way the team moved the ball.

But how about beckham bending that free kick? He still knows how to score vs Barca... Arrghhh damn u beckham! He should go back to Europe.

BTW Guddy cant play as a #9 anymore... He is better off as Attacking Mid.

Anonymous said...

How was Henrique guys??? The fact that he was subbed only after 30 minutes scares me :(

Aeneas said...

Not convincing IMO. Poor touches and lacks confidence. Also, fouled Donovan for Beckham goal. Hopefully he can settle in the squad.

SimonP said...

Well you can see that the team are in the middle of pre-season. The top form isn't there yet but I was surprised of how well Pedro and especially Jeffren played. Both of them are huge talents IMO.

Henrique still don't impress on me and I wonder why we paid so much for him last summer and I'm starting to question our scouting system.

Kind of proud that I watched the game, it aired at 5 AM :P .

309 said...

how about maxwell performance?

Josep said...

Comments on the youth and new signings:
1) Maxwell has a good game. He seems to adapt to barca's playing style.
2) Muniesa has an exellent performance. very confident, very impressive. no one mistake in the 45 minutes. has the quality to be in the firt team and can hold a place in the first 11 line-up when necessary.
3) Henrique has better performance compared to the first 2 games. but still seems to lack confidence like caceres did during the last season. However, he seems to suit to barca's playing style more than caceres.
4) Fontas has an average performance. He is still a b-team material.
5) Dos santos has a good game. He is the potential to be a good player for the first team. He plays like xavi but he has to improve on his passing accuracy. Currently, he is at least as good as gudjohnson in the midfield. He should also improve on his strength.
6) victor sanchez is very hardworking and versatile. He does not have the ability/potential to hold a regular place in the first 11 line-up. he is a decent backup player.
7) Jeffren has a fairly decent game. Although he score 1 goal, he doesn't impress me much. he does not seem to be a team player which suit barca. currently, his current ability is still in between b-team and first team bench. i has a feeling that he won't improve much in the future. I mean he won't have the potential to be able to hold a regular place in first team.
8)Pedro has good games during this preseason. He seems confident with good skill, shooting ability and team work. currently, he is a good backup for messi or henry. his current ability, i think, is better than bojan.
9) Bojan is overrated. (I know many people won't agree with me. this is just my opinion.) I think he will be a good player but not for barca. He won't be able to hold a regular place in barca in the future. As a center forward, he is short, not that fast, and shooting ability is not that good. As a winger, he is not that skillful. Most importantly, he is not confident which is absolutely important for a world-class player. He currently should be a bench/backup player even after pedro. Probably, he will only be another 'portillo' in real madrid. overrated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments Josep. It's a great service to people like me who missed the game.

What makes you say that about Bojan?
I liked his performances at the wembley cup where he was very dynamic, seemed to lead the team and of course scored twice.


Don Luis said...

@ Josep:

TY, finally someone that agrees with me about Bojan... I didnt even notice he was playing until dos santos provided him with that ball.

He tends to fade out of games quickly, he is nowhere as good as Pato or Aguero.

Where was he with spain's u-21? Spain played better when he was not playing, fact.

Manolo said...

Muniesa was very very good. His confidence was up the sky and so was his passings.
Very relaxed and always knows what to do.
His crosballs was exellent!
Got some marking problems though as in the other match.
If LA would have scored a goal when 3 LA players where all free it would have been Muniesas man who scored.

Dos Santos was also great. Good vision of the game,superb passingskills and so on.

This was probably Henriques best match in the Barça shirt. Strong in the air but has to adapt more.

Fontas as Joseph said is still B.player.

Pedro showed that he realy wants to be in the A squad and he knows that he's under time pressure.
Good performance,good acceleration,explosivity,dribblings and shot.

Jeffren didn't impress on me to much tonight. Scored a goal but has to try to get past his man sometimes. He didn't do it once!
He just recived the pass,looked up and then passed it back.

Anonymous said...

Henry deserves some credit I think. He has been injured up until now, and he looked totally fired up. I wasn't expecting him to be so good right after having had such a long injury period, but he was very good. He still has bags of pace that man. Probably one of the fastest players in our squad (maybe the fastest).

Byronic said...

I just have one comment... gudjonson was absolutely terrible.

ratty88 said...

i like both messi and henry gettin time at the CF position i believe with our young talent on the wings, bojan still has time that he has to play on the wings IMO, I say that messi and henry should play there when ibra isnt available or even when he is in order to mix it up a la 6-2 and cl final i think last year was the testing phase for guardiola and this year will some something more!

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