Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Barcelona still hopeful of signing Mata

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has not given up on Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21).

Mata remains the main option to strengthen Barcelona’s forward line this summer and Barcelona is said to believe that an offer of 18 million euro° could in the end be enough to close a transfer deal for the Spanish attacker.

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pep said...

18 million euro =

26 million us dollar
15 million british pound

blaugrana1 said...

go for cesc we have pedro to cover for LW , and if cesc comes, we can move iniesta on LW as well !!!!

groga said...

18 million (don't beieve it anyway, would be at least 25) for a back-up is a lot for a back-up. The market seems to be tough now, guess we'll have to wait for the last week to see thigns moving.

Anonymous said...

I'd actually prefer him than Cesc, with whom half of this blog seems to be obsessed... Cesc is good- but he has to himself make a move for the transfer to happen. We cannot and shouldn't spend some 50 milion for him. If he states clearly (Cesc that is) that he wants to come- than we should go for hime. But only than. I honestly don't see any desire on his part to play in the best team in the world at the moment.

Maybe again he's scared he won't make it? Just like he did when he was 16?

barca nike said...

if they offer Chygrinsky 17 + 8 million variables and bounses why cant they offer Mata 20 + bounses.

HouseMD said...

What about Affelay?
He's young, good and experienced versatile mid.(but, to be honest, Mata is also a great player). More important, he'd be cheaper option than Mata.
On the other side, I like Kompany option. He used to play def mid at HSV and he's playing the same role at City. Also, he's a great defender.
So, I vote for those 2 players.

Anonymous said...

i kinda prefer pedro or bojan or jeff. my opinion though.

Brimwa said...

i think Cesc just wants to be the main man at Arsenal and if he comes to Barca, he will be over Shadowed by Messi, Ibra, Henry, Xavi, Iniesta and Yaya...
plus i think when he comes to Barca, Iniesta will be pushed to the wing (which i dont think he's affective as his normal position)
i think Mata would be a perfect Back up... since Henry is old, Mata would get more playing time.

and btw wat happened to Gai Assulin? aint he being promoted this year?

fcbee said...

No promotion for Gai for sure since he wasn't even with the team in the US. Guess they hope he'll have a good season with the B team this time without injury problems.

Anonymous said...

I say we go all in for Ribery, just give him what he wants, he will be amazing for Barca no doubt.

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