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The top ten football managers of all time

author: Matt Dickinson
source: The Times

date: 9 August 2009

1. Rinus Michels
The Dutchman, who died in 2005, was named coach of the century by Fifa in 1999. Think Ajax of the late Sixties, think Holland of the 1974 World Cup, think Total Football. Barcelona won the Champions League in May with tactics he introduced to the Nou Camp 30 years ago. Now that’s influence.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson
After knocking over the Old Firm in Scotland, he has built a modern-day monster out of Manchester United. The trophies matter but so does the attacking intent of his sides.

3. Ernst Happel
A man of few words but many trophies, the Austrian won league championships in four different countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria).

4. Sir Matt Busby
He faced the most difficult of all rebuilding jobs when he lost a brilliant team in the wreckage of Munich.

5. Brian Clough
No doubt he would put himself top of the pile and his feats were truly extraordinary. He turned Derby County into league champions and Nottingham Forest into the best team in Europe.

6. Bill Shankly
The builder of another of football’s great institutions, Shankly would surely have shared in Liverpool’s later success in Europe had he not retired prematurely.

7. Bob Paisley
Still the only coach to have three European Cup medals the son of a miner would have been too modest to boast about his great signings.

8. Arrigo Sacchi
A one-time shoe salesman, he built one of the greatest club sides at AC Milan and did so with innovative tactics.

9. Helenio Herrera
With an ego the size of the San Siro, the French-Argentine cast a big shadow over European football in the 1960s. A great motivator and disciplinarian who imposed rigid catenaccio on his teams, he enjoyed his greatest success at Inter Milan, where he twice won the European Cup.

10. Arsène Wenger
Ranked above managers who have won more and with good reason. Wenger resolutely defends the game’s most precious values, building sides of dazzling beauty.

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pep said...

Michels was Barcelona manager from 1971 to 1975, Herrera from 1958 to 1960 and from 1979 to 1981.

frett said...

Guardiola started to climb up the ladder...

Anonymous said...

where is lippi?

Humankind said...

this is an absolute joke.

Where are Lippi and Capello???

Wenger is 10? I don't think so.

The funniest thing about this is Ferguson's # 2 spot. Does anyone realize that when it comes to Europe, he is an average coach? If you were following Manchester United the last few seasons when they were regularly fighting for the Champions League, you'll see that he plays a very conservative game even against clubs that his team are clearly superior. Now I agree that he is the best English Premier League manager ever. I think that he is definitely worthy of that title, BUT when it comes to Europe, it's an entirely different game and in that sense, Ferguson is nowhere near the best. In fact, I wouldn't even call him as one of the best European managers.

He should have been eliminated by Port, being outplayed and outwitted. He got a lesson by Pep and our boys in May. Against Lyon in the First Knockout Round, he played so conservatively, I couldn't believe my eyes. He struggles against team that are technically superior. Benfica of 2005-06, AC Milan of 2007, Villarreal in the group stages, Porto and Barca of last year are just a few examples. It's true that against Inter and Roma, he didn't have that trouble, but it's a well known fact that Italian teams currently cannot handle English teams but with a few exceptions.

Anonymous said...

barca should loan David beckham in january because he is good and would cover the midfeild position and the american season and england manager capello want him to move to europe before the world cup would be a good idea i think and i think barca should buy kompany and Mata now and buy fabregas next year when beckham loan ends

Ramzi said...

"The times" is the reference, that explain it all.

Michels, Herrera, and Sacchi(to some extend) are in one class, the other names are not even close. Or else where is Cappello.

The title has to be: The best achievers in the modern time.

Best coaches must include:

Herbert Chapman, Lobanovskyi, Rappan,Arkadiev, Maslov, and Menotti to name some.

Boris said...

There is new film about Brian Clough, the damned united. Go and see it, it is really good...

d-s said...

And what about Johan Cruijff ??!!

Jerry_prez said...

Don't take it seriously!
This is from a British newspaper, that's why there are many English (or related) managers in the top ten.
I don't even ever heard about the likes of Ernst Happel, Brian Clough and Bill Shankly!
Totally shit!

SJP said...

as much as i hate the guy fergurson should be number one. he may have not got to too many finals but until last may he had won everyone he'd played, not to mention 10 titles in the last 16 years. as for the attacking football bit thats bollocks, not since eric cantona left have united been an attacking side. i like wenger but don't understand how he could be in there just for playing good football, if thats the case surely cruyff should be ahead of him?

its a difficult thing to gauge as old managers didn't have the resources of modern one but then the level of competition wasn't the same. @ ramzi who are lobanovskyi and rappan? not heard of them before.

tobogan said...

Lobanovskyi, Cruyff, Menotti anyone?

Glad to see Happel there though.

Anonymous said...

SJP: You haven't heard about Lobanovskyi?! How can you claim that "Ferguson should be number 1" without even knowing about some of the world legends of coaching? It is like saying: "Schmeichel should definitely be no. 1 all-time goal-keeper" without even having heard about Yashin.

Anonymous said...

Typical english = completly bias.

Brandon FCB said...


Ramzi said...

Anonymous, its normal for people to know some names and not being aware of others. I dont dare to claim I know them all as well.


Karl Rappan born in Vienna, he created a tactical methodology called "bolt". Thats the mother of the well-known Catenaccio.

Lobanovskyi: is the other pyramid (with Rinus Michels) in the Total football orbit. An amazing tactical mind.

For me, best coaches are not the ones who win more. Because thats not where a genius coach show the muscles. If you coach Man Utd and Sir Alex coach me and my cousins, you will win for sure. So its not who win. But who add revolutionary ideas by being a pioneer for others to follow. Who enrich the coaching mine by new methods for the following generations to benefit from and get inspired of.

Most of the names mentioned above are followers. Brilliant ones, but still...followers.

ElBananero said...

If we win the treble once again then Guardiola will be the number 1.

Anonymous said...

I agree with el bananero.

Ok who dosent know Ernst Happel, his name wears the stadium from Rapid Wienna.

LeónDragón said...
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Anonymous said...

Arsene Wenger does NOT belong . He has been coaching for 25 years and he has NEVER won any European trophy EVER !!

SJP said...

cheers ramzi.

Cruyff said...

this is the best stupid things ever i've read in my life

where is the cruyff ?

LeónDragón said...
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LeónDragón said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeónDragón said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeónDragón said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LeónDragón said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Lobanovskyi was a genius LeonDragon. Just ask any coach in the world and he will tell you that.

LeónDragón said...

you maybe right anony.
know him, but maybe not good enough

RanjiX said...

Wenger doesnot belong there.

Anonymous said...

no cruyff??? no ancelotti? no capello, lippi, lobanovskiy????

Random Juve Fan said...

Why arent there many Italian coaches? Rocco, Il Trap, Capello and Ancelotti are all brilliant.

Bolkiah said...

Huh.. Real Capello? I would have Sir Bobby Robson anyday than Capello.

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