Thursday, 13 August 2009

West Ham confident about signing Gudjohnsen

Asked about the rumours linking West Ham United with several players among which Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30) (read more here), West Ham manager Gianfranco Zola is quoted by British tabloid The Daily Mirror as confirming that the English club wants to sign two more forwards:

"We're looking for at least two strikers, that's the idea. We are focused on that but we also know that it's not an easy market.

There are not many good players around and those that are around are very difficult to get because when a team has a good player they don't release him very easily. But we are confident. I think West Ham right now is an attractive team and I'm sure I will find the right person."

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jordy said...

6m for guddy, not a penny less!!!

fcbee said...

He has one year left, I would already be happy with 3 or something. Don't forget we also would be released of his huge salary. Something of 3,5-4 millions net, which is 6-7 gross. So selling him for 3, that would actually be like selling him for 10.

LeónDragón said...

another joke guys, not the best, but hope some enjoy :)

iker casillas, raul and cristiano ronaldo are relaxing in a airplane, when the pilot comes in and tells them that there's something wrong with the plane.
"listen, we have a problem, the plane will crash and we have only 3 parachutes."
so he grabs one and says: "sorry guys, but i have wife and kids!" and jumps out.
c. ronaldo grabs the second and says: "guys don't mind, but i'm the best-looking, best-playing and most intelligent player of the world!" and jumps out too.
"okay" says raul, "you can take the last, iker, you're younger than me."
"keep cool, raul", says iker, "the most intelligent player of the world jumped out with a sleeping-bag."

ElBananero said...

sell this dude then we buy FAB for the money plus the money barca was willing to offer.

Tejas said...

@ LeónDragón
good 1 dude..
got any more of such kinds :P

btw we shud buy a cm 1st b4 sellin guddy... he s 1 of the few backups in mid field nw...

Nacko said...

tnx for that one=)

LeónDragón said...

thanx cules...posted this one some days ago, maybe some missed it, hope you enjoy

three men came after their death to heaven. petrus asks the first, from which club he was a fan of. the man answers: "atletico madrid!"
"what?" says petrus, "that must be punished with 20 hits on your back, but you have one wish free".
"ok" says the man, "then i wish a bolster for my back to cushion the hits".
after the 20 hits, the bolster was shredded and his back bloody, blue and green.
petrus asks the second man and he says he was always and ever real madrid fan. so petrus decides 40 hits and also a wish free. the mans wish were '2' bolsters, but after the hits, they got also shredded and his back bloody, blue and green.
so, petrus asks the third man from what club he's fan of and the man answers: "fc barcelona!". "nice, very good" said petrus, "you don't need to worry about hits and you have 2 wishes free, my friend".
the mans first wish are 60 hits on his back. "what?" says petrus, "why?...but, if you want it so, it's okay. and what is your second wish?"
"i want the real madrid fan as a bolster"

don't know any other good soccer-joke ATM, but if, let u know :)

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