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[2008] Henrique's first experiences at Leverkusen

this post was published one year ago:

Barcelona central defender and Brazilian international Henrique Adriano Buss (21), who will play on loan with Bayer Leverkusen this season (read more here), told in an interview with German tabloid Express about his first experiences in Germany.

Is your transfer to Europe a dream come true?
Yes, it is. I've worked hard for this and then Barcelona came with an offer. When it was clear that they wanted me to go on loan this season, Leverkusen was my first choice.

Because the club has an important tradition of Brazilian players, people like Lucio, Juan or Emerson.

You can be more compared with Lucio or with Juan?
As my way of playing is concerned, I would say that I'm more like Juan.

What did you absolutely have to bring with you from Brazil?
My playstation and my computer. During the day there are a lot of things to discover in Cologne, but at night there's not much to do, especially because my wife Juliana hasn't arrived yet in Germany. In the coming days I will start to look around in Cologne since we would like to rent a house here.

You only will play here one season. What are your goals with Bayer this year?
First, I want to gain a lot of experience, so it will be easier for me to adapt when I join Barcelona. But I'm also here to achieve something. And since I always strive for the maximum, I want to win the Bundesliga title with Bayer.

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