Saturday, 15 August 2009

Eboue tops right back target list

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola will decide on the transfer of Arsenal right back defender and Ivory Coast international Emmanuel Eboué (26) (read more here).

If Guardiola accepts that Barcelona won't buy a central defender but a right back defender this summer, Eboué will probably be the number one target of a list of 20 players managed by Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain.

Eboué was reportedly already the back-up option last summer in case the transfer of Barcelona right back defender Dani Alves wouldn't have gone through.

The agent of Eboué, whose contract expires in 2012, would already have had indirect contacts with Barcelona and has let the club know that the player wishes to join Barcelona, because of the way of playing and his friendship with Barcelona players Yaya Touré and Seydou Keita.

If Guardiola gives the green light, Begiristain would start moving this week for Eboué, who is waiting for a call and who knows that Arsenal is willing to let him go. Barcelona could sign the player for a transfer fee between 8 and 10 million euros°. Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu claims that the fee could be 5 million euros°.

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pep said...

8-10 million euros =

11-14 million us dollars
7-9 million british pounds

Anurag said...

20 players on the list? man.

groga said...

Agents are just offering their players, I guess.

barca nike said...

he will play the first laliga match if signed because alves will go to Brazil

Ubli said...

I am sure Arsenal fans will be happy to see him go.

Bogman said...

8-10 million? Man, that's excessive...I would say he's not worth more than 3-5 million. If we can get him for that sum it would be good, although I would prefer it if they kept Henrique as Alves back-up and put all the resources on strengthening the creative midfielder alternatives. Suarez from Ajax perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Suarez as a midfielder? Where do you get such ideas?

Anonymous said...

Buy him, and he will leave with Keita and Yaya to the African Cup next year

HeyRube said...

Please God No! I'll seriously be losing a good chunk of faith that I have in Pep if this deal goes through. How could he want this idiot?

Anonymous said...

CICINHO!!! only eboue if it means getting cesc.

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