Thursday, 6 August 2009

Friendly 4: Seattle Sounders-Barcelona 0-4

Pinto (45 Jorquera)

Alves (45 Henrique)
Fontàs (45 Muniesa)
Puyol (45 Pique)
Abidal (45 Maxwell)

Busquets (45 Toure)
Victor Sanchez (45 Keita)
Xavi (45 Jonathan)

Henry (45 Pedro)
Bojan (45 Gudjohnsen)
Messi(45 Jeffren)

21 Messi 0-1
41 Messi 0-2
75 Jeffren 0-3
89 Pedro 0-4


yellow cards
31 Busquets
81 Fucito


out of match squad

Friendly 1: Tottenham-Barcelona 1-1
Friendly 2: Al Ahly - Barcelona 1-4
Friendly 3: Los Angeles Galaxy-Barcelona 0-4


Anonymous said...

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harsha said...

GUYS.... can someone post the link where i can view the entire match ... or at least, detailed highlights ...

Anonymous said...

wow leo on fire already lol keep up!!

Zeli said...

What happened with VV?

SiegBarca said...

here the links...

Slyde said...

Gr8 game but d pitch was awrful can't 4 d new season.

buj said...

Wow! thanks Sieg. Miss this match again (office hours here). Thanks a mill.

mike in africa said...

can anyone who watched the give a full review of each player's performance?

zos said...

-Messi was god,xavi henry excellent performance as was most of the time d.alves although he did have marking problems.. Abidal was solid as quite excellent was the parthneship between Fontas and Puyol...Bojan tried a lot but missed some easy goals...Sanchez made many mistakes... In the second half our youth Dos Santos, Jeffren and Pedro were quite good apart for a moment or 2... Pique,Toure,Keita were their usual good self.Guddy is rubbish..Maxwell was good in general...Henrique was quite improved but his passing still lacks confidence,nevertheless he stopped 2-3 counterattacks and Muniesa looked solid but made 2-3 serious mistakes that are not allowed....

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