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Keirrison: "I think and execute very quickly"

this is a first contribution by benfica blogger fumas, who will follow for us the performances of barcelona loan out keirrison with benfica during the season. you can also check fumas' personal blog with a lot more news (in english) on benfica:

Shortly after landing in Lisbon, Keirrison gave his first interview to Portuguese football daily "A Bola".

In this interview, published on the first of August, Keirrison talks about choosing Benfica, how he was welcomed the first couple of days, and the team's potential for a good season. He touches on some of his qualities, his idol, and his ambition to make the canarinha.

Always keeping a certain humility, Keirrison's dialogue is simple, and focused on the task at hand this year, he knows that his stay at Benfica will be brief and will serve as an apprenticeship to the European game, but even knowing that, his conversation rarely deviates from his only goal for this year - to help Benfica win titles.

Below is the transcript of the full interview translated into English (note: part of this interview was already published on this blog)

What did you mean with in your press conference with the statement: "It was me that picked Benfica"? Did someone try to choose your destination for you?

I just wanted it to be very clear how much I value this club. My agents had other propositions, but I didn't even want to hear about them when I found out about Benfica.

I know the club, I watched a lot of Benfica games in Brazil along with other European leagues, and the information that was given to me about Benfica was very good.

What were your first impressions?
Firstly, Lisbon is a beautiful city. Then the Estadio da Luz
(smiles) no comments, it's perfect. In addition, Benfica's training center is very good and I was treated very well at my arrival.

Not going to Barcelona right away is what's best for you?
It was a joint decision, to obtain European experience in my first year. Benfica is the right club to evolve in Europe and in two days I feel that I have already adapted.

What can Benfica gain with you?
I'm going to try to help my team mates, in all aspects but in a collective way. You can't win anything by yourself, even if you have the world at your feet. I came to help Benfica win titles

Benfica is betting everything on this season. Are you prepared for the pressure?
There is always pressure in big clubs. Benfica is aiming high, and I am sure with all these excellent professionals, Benfica has every guarantee to be able to fight for titles. It's a a new group but we will be very strong very soon.

What did you think of coach Jorge Jesus?
He is very friendly, he told me what the team wants from me. I feel that with him, I'll have the freedom to talk about all aspects of the game.

What was the feeling like to be applauded by 1500 people in your first training session?
I have had similar experiences, but never with so many people. I could tell how the fans feel Benfica, and that gives me more motivation to work hard. It was good to hear my name being called. You know, I look to have a quick connection with the fans, and unlike some other players, I look to tend to them every time I can. I have been on the other side, I know what it's like.

Are you aware of your worth?
I never try talking about myself. I leave that to other people. I respect opinions, and I always look to do my job. I try to perfect myself everyday, but I know that I will never be perfect.

But you have the notion that Benfica fans saw your arrival as a big "acquisition" right?
Yes I do, I'm always going to have a big responsibility because of the fact that at 20 years old I've arrived at a club like Benfica.

Do you believe that you will soon be scoring goals for Benfica?
I'll be ready for that.

What opinion do you have of the main opponents of Benfica?
I know FC Porto and Sporting. I know that the fans want titles, and we do too. We have the conditions to win.

Will it be easy to score with the team mates you have assisting you?
Without a doubt. There is a lot of quality in this squad. I'm not going to say that it'll be easy, but I was born with a gift that God gave me.

Is being in the 2010 World Cup an objective for you?
Yes. Being at Benfica, I have every chance of being called. I know that Dunga will be watching. But if it's not in 2010, it'll be in 2014, as I am still young.

Do you believe you will be the future forward of Brazil?
That's the reason why I came to Europe.

Your playing style? Is it more talent or more work rate?
Both. Players that have the gift and don't work, and are not able to make sacrifices, they will get nowhere. As an example, I will be very far from my family, but I love football.

What is your safe haven, when things don't go well?
Faith in God and a lot of patience. I know how to wait for better moments.

Are you also patient on the pitch?
A lot. Sometimes I can be without touching the ball for 80 minutes, and I have to be prepared to score. That's happened to me quite a few times.

Do you like playing in the box, or do you like coming out of the box?
A mixture of both, I like to have the ball, but I also like to finish.

Better with your right foot?
I'm righty, but since I was a little boy, I have worked on my left. I have even scored nice goals with my left foot.

Does your aerial game still need to evolve?
It's not at the same level as my feet, but I have been working a lot on that aspect.

Do you like taking penalty kicks?
I am a specialist. But I am also becoming a specialist in free kicks. I try to be a complete forward, because I know some games you can't score in running plays, so you have to look for other ways.

In Brazil it's said that you have a strong personality. Is that true?
I have always had a strong personality, since I was a little boy.

Have you ever lost your cool with a tighter than usual marking?
I might get mad once in a while, but I have learned to elude defender's markings. Besides, it makes no sense to use violence against another player, I have never been thrown out like that.

What is your strongest trait as a player.
Coolness at finishing. I don't take too long to think about what I am going to do when I'm in the box, I think and execute very quickly, most of the times with one touch. I'm very decisive, and seldom am I left with the idea of having chosen the wrong option.

Is that why you admire Romario? He would often score with his toe, with only one touch.
Exactly, Pele is also my idol, but I have only seen Romario play. I grew up watching his game, and wanting to do like him. Romario scored a lot of nice goals, but his specialty was the first touch and to toe the ball. His playing style was simple, and mine is also. The fact that I played futsal helped me. I look to simplify myself, because in Europe there is no time to showboat. I have always tried to play simple with the thought of coming to Europe. And now i'm here.

The Other Side of K11:

If you weren't a footballer you would be...
A Physical Education teacher. I studied until 12th grade, but I didn't continue to college.

Your main quality is...
Sincerity, I don't beat around the bush, I am direct.

Your worst trait...
I stress more than I should.

What kind of a politician would you like to be?
I wouldn't like to be a politician, it's a class for which I have no admiration, even though I respect it.

What charms you about Europe...
Manners, mutual respect, clean streets and beauty.

Favorite movie...
"Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith

"Never give up on your dreams"(Nunca desista dos seus sonhos) by Augusto Cury, a Brazilian writer.

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pep said...

Many thanks to Fumas for this first contribution. A good read which gives some more background on the player. Welcome to the blog team!

Also thanks to Ramzi for arranging the co-operation. And certainly check out Fumas' personal blog, it's worth your time:

fcbee said...

Interesting, indeed. Thanks, Fumas!

What could worry me is that he seems quite similar to Bojan: a simple box player, opportunistic goalscorer. So don't know why exactly we brought him in. Hope he has a good start in Europe.

Anonymous said...

He seems very similar to Bojan indeed. What was the point of this transfer then? Strange, strange, strange.

Let us see how he does. He has a certain arrogance over him I feel, not sure if he is really ready to work as hard as required to cut it in Europe.

Anonymous said...

And thanks to Fumas and Ramzi!

Great stuff, btw!

Joshua said...

i have a feeling this guy will have a really succesfull story at barca when he starts

groga said...

Thanks to Fumas! And Ramzi and Pep.

Seems he has a good head for a 20 years old. Hope his feet are as good...

Fumas said...

Thank you. Many thanks to Ramzi and the rest of the team for showing interest in my humble work.
I hope that my contributions can bring a little bit more insight into Keirrison.
Until next time

mario ch said...

thanjs to fumas

trez said...

Thanks, Fulas. Great job! Hope to read more from you. Nice site you have yourself.

SJP said...

thanks fumas will be really good to follow his progress, hope he does well.
love his comments about politicians!

Unknown said...

lol it reads like a job interview.

Good stuff though, I liked the questions and his answers.
Seems like a focused and confident guy.

trez said...

*Fumas, of course. Hope Fulas is no bad word in Portuguese...

Fumas said...

Thank you to all.
Keirrison has made Benfica's game roster for this Sunday's game.

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