Thursday, 13 August 2009

Cesc Must Force His Arsenal Exit

Catalan paper Sport has continued its analysis of the future of Cesc Fabregas by claiming that most likely way for the FC Barcelona youth product to return to his boyhood team is for him to personally force Arsenal to make such a move.

It now appears that both Barcelona and Arsenal, Fabregas's current team, are entrenched in their financial positions, with Arsenal demanding 45 million euros for the talented midfielder while Barcelona is holding steady with an offer of 30 million euros.

In order to break the stalemate, according to Sport, Cesc may have to put in a formal transfer request with Arsenal that he be transferred. This sort of request is somewhat rare but generally respected by the player's current team.

Among many reasons for caution, however, is the recent example of Franck Ribery. The Frenchman has tried in vain to force his transfer from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid, but Bayern appears to have drawn a line in the sand and refused such a move. Still, given the fading talent that surrounds Fabregas in London, a formal transfer request may prove to be a realistic option if he wants to wear the blaugrana once again.

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fcbee said...

You difficultly can see this go thorugh, just hope they have some back-up options...

sho said...

lets see what Cesc decides.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Come on boy, come home!

Mihai Martin said...

"Dear Arsenal,

Please lose 15 million e and one of your team's leaders.
Remember - good things may come in the afterlife.

Thank you and remember i love you!!
(...not so much as that other club tho.)

[Hopefully not for long] Yours truly,

Oh yea, this'll definitely go trough.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Hehe Milo, that is true. We have to be fair, and pay to Arsenal 40-45 millions, and we have to understand that Cesc is their most important player and 30 millions are not enough of course. It would be sad to not have Cesc because of Laporta don't want pay 10 millions more.

HOSNI said...

i really want to congratulate Laporta and TXIXI for the timing : they want fabregas to make a "transfer request" 3 days before the start of th eseason !!! what were they doing in june in july...this summer is the worst transfer period ever for barça, they dont know who they need they dont know how to make "someone leave" ,they offered inter the "deal of their life", they didnt succeed in signing anyone they wanted they couldnt even get a guy from the ukrenian league...its not "DIFFICULT TO IMPROVE A TEAM WHO WON THE TREBLE" laporta and TXIXI just "DIDNT DO THEIR JOB" losing two months to push someone out

Anonymous said...

LOL Milo!

I wonder why he would do this! He's happy in Arsenal, and Arsenal gave him everything. The only reason I can think of to leave Arsenal is to come back to Spain. Otherwise he won't leave Arsenal.

But still I wish he come back to Barcelona, I can't imagine how beautiful would be to see him playing behind Xavi and Iniesta.

It's a dream we are hoping to come true! : )

fcbee said...

It will come true one day, that's pretty sure. The matter is: when?

Tohar Investment Limited said...

but not for that idiotic amount 45 milllion,they are mad,i cant even see why barca is valueing him for 30 million,he is good and talented,he worht that money,but not for barca.even keirrison thats not our product includes in his deal that he should be sold for 50 million to all clubs but only 15 million for as ibra.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we could have got him if we started a little earlier on the deal?! And the € would be no problem if we actually sold some players instead of loaning them all out?!
Terrible transfer period! We still need at least 2 players and nobody wants to let their players go. We must do something very wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree with HOSNI this transfer window have shown how incompetent Txixi is. At the same time seeing Madrid buying one super star after another, it just makes me mad

barca4life said...

When I was saying earlier this pre-season that we were moving like snails and we had not made the signings we should have people told me we could sign 3 players in 1 day. Now do you see why it is bad to wait? The longer we wait the more difficult it is to get our players and the higher their prices.

groga said...

As if we would have been easier to sign Cesc one or two months ago. madrid also tried for him but even with all their debt money they couldn't get him.

For Zlatan it worked well too wait longer. We tried, it didn't work out, then we tried Villa and then returned to Zlatan and got him.

This isn't some fantasy game, there are a lot of elements involved.

Anonymous said...

groga exactly man I totally agree.
unfortunately you have made all the Fifa fanboys angry now. "Madrid buying one star after another" oh that made me sick.. we have our own stars, we only needed Ibra as a replacement of a current star, and Fabregas is a back up, what other team in the world can say that they want Fabregas as a back up?

Anonymous said...

so we are moving like a snail and we are getting Ibrahimovic?
how about the Maxwell deal for 5 millions which you didn't hear about until it was finished?
hmm maybe you meant that snails are great?
some teams like Inter didn't buy a midfielder yet, other like Manchester has only bought shitty players so far, Chelsea brought only a left back because they thought they don't need any players and they didn't actually win anything last year!!
this means that all those complainers are checking Madrid transfers on while typing.

barca4life said...

Inter didnt buy a midfielder yet? What is thiago motta? A striker? Not to mention they have taken back quaresma who was on loan. They may not have bought many midfielders but they have brought in Arnautovic Kerlon Milito Suazo (who was on loan) Etoo and Lucio.

Manchester only bought shitty players? Valencia and Owen are shitty?

Chelsea also brought in daniel sturrage a highly rated young striker and ross turnbull a backup gk so they have in fact strengthened their depth, not to mention they have taken back shevchenko and pizarro who were on loan.

We? We have gotten rid of

and quite possibly

Gudjohnsen and Henrique

while brining in

Maxwell and Ibrahimovic

By my count thats 7 players that will leave and 2 that will arrive. Now I have said that pep says he prefers a smaller squad and will knick a few youth team players but we have essentially taken away 5 players that pep had at his disposal and replaced them with 2.

barca4life said...

Madrid tried to sign cesc? When? Certainly not this summer.

SJP said...

some people! madrid spend nearly a 1/4 of a billion euro just to try to compete with us. they have financially ruined their club (Oh i forgot they are gonna be saved by shirt sales!!)its not that easy to get players to come to a team that has won everything as the players on that team are obviously f**king good and they know they would be back ups. when we needed direct replacements they went and got us maxwell (outstanding transfer), ibra (very pricey but should prove worth it) and a great prospect for the future in kerrison. laporta and txiki delivered us the treble have a bit more respect.

as for cesc not gonna happen as he has too much respect for wenger. we should look at diaby see if anything is could happen there, be a good back up.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with HOSNI
worst transfer season ever i mean all we did was get a fantastically prolific and grade A left back in Maxwell n Ibrahimovic...well who the hell is he anyway.
Might i suggest thinking before we write next time!!!

barca4life said...

We moved so slow. Its the same as last season wait wait wait. Refuse to pay for garay, sign caceres instead. wait wait wait. Refuse to pay for arshavin, sign Hleb instead who now says he wishes he never came to barcelona. wait wait wait. rush to sign cesc and then maybe sign diaby for 16 million and send him on loan next season after he blasts us for not playing him ahead of yaya.

fcbee said...

Same as last season? We had the treble winning squad wrapped up wrapped up by mid-July.

Don't complain the whole time. Some think it's all so easy. When you make 200 millions in debt, then it's easy. For the other clubs, it's not.

barca4life said...

Yes its the same in terms of what i have said above. We seem to be sleeping most of the transfer window. We may have gotten a treble winning squad but you cannot deny the huge transfer blunders that Caceres Henrique and Hleb appear to be. that is 40 million euros spent there that could have been used to go after cesc or chygrynskiy or another good CB or backup LW/CM. Instead we have 2 players who Guardiola has seen for a seasona dn has no faith in and a third that pep has seen and has major doubts about.

40 MILLION EUROS. Think about that number.

Anonymous said...

I am not a madrid fan but i do think it is better to spend 40-50 mil on one good player instead of getting 3 back-up players.

Anonymous said...

why dont we drop Fabregras and go for Sneijder. It seems like he wants to stay i Spain.

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt mind getting sneijder, but only for cheap, which is unlikely.

Yes people should stop complainining. We brought in Ibra, who is probabably the best tactical transfer which could happen(albeit for a price).

Hleb on loan is however a blunder. Why not sell him and cut our losses for 10m. He is not going to fit in any better next year. I dont see any logic behind this unless the board thinks hleb regaining form at stuggart will raise his value. And what if hleb plays shit again?!!

LadyArse said...

What part of Cesc always saying 'I AM HAPPY AND WANT TO STAY AT ARSENAL' do you people not understand? Yes he will go back to Barcelona one day, but not for a few years yet.

Arsenal do not want any money for Cesc as he IS NOT FOR SALE.

Cesc has made his decision. Deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Arshavin transfer was not a question of timing, but a question of misjudging his ability, we thought Hleb was better that is why we bought him, we didn't say wait wait wait, Arshavin was available after we bought hleb for 6 months, and he was nearly begging us to buy him.
we have just splashed 40 million in a single deal. so what is your point again? that we refuse to pay for expensive players preferring to get mediocre ones? not really.
we have made some mistakes in signing wrong players but it was not a question of waiting for their price to drop as you say.
prices of players like Cesc is the same whenever is asked, at January, June or March, it doesn't make a difference.
Ibrahimovic price didn't drop nor rise with time. but as soon as we offered the terms Inter thought were most close to their asking price the deal was sealed. it would have been the same right now.
by the way, the highly rated young Arnautovic and Motta? are these names any better than Caceres and Hleb?
so far, looking at our squad no one is better than us, it is impossible to create depth is a treble winning squad, we either settle for players who settle for few minutes, or go to mega stars who will unbalance our dressing room.

Anonymous said...

Mourinho himself is declaring that Inter still needs a playmaker. that is why they are trying to sign Van Der Vart or Sneider.
and Manchester's signings!! they sold Ronaldo and bought Valencia(who?) and the aging Owen? and you are using them as a reference for good signings?
Motta a playmaker? that is a good signing for you?
young promising players?
that is exactly what you are accusing Barcelona of doing.. buying many terrible players instead of getting one good signing.
just keep on complaining for the sake of it. you say that you were complaining the last season because of our performance in the market, and yet our performance on the field was superb.
why are you still complaining?
any team would pay 400m(well, not that much, just 250m) to be in our position, not just 40m.
none of the teams that you are saying are making great signings equal to us. whatever the transfer window bring. have some faith in this treble winning squad, you can't find any better anywhere.

Anonymous said...

by the way I totally agree that Hleb, Caceres and Henrique were poor signings and overrated, but that happens to any team. Berbatov, Robbie Keane, Anderson, Huntelaar, Van Der Vart, Drenthe, Quaresma, Mancini.. the list goes on of players who were bought for big money and failed or players who were bought as a young promising talent and never fulfilling their potential. no team can do anything to prevent that. any one is doomed to do some bad decisions every now and then. the final judgment is based on trophies one and the team performance on field.
I wouldn't mind Barcelona losing 164681 millions every summer if it meant continuous flow of wins.

MBB said...

Please followup on this story, regarding his completing the transfer request or not. If the request isn't received by Arsenal by the end of the week. He is DONE and will never be pursued again.
As of Saturday - Barca, time to move on!

barca4life said...

@ anony You have given us a long winded rant about inter manchester united and everybody else but the fact is we wasted 40 million euros on 3 players that will most likely play 1 season for us. We could have used this money more wisely if we were half asleep for most of the god damned transfer market.

Do we have the best squad? No. We have the best 1st team in the world but if xavi gets an injury, who do we replace him with? What about Messi? Iniesta? Henry?

Our first team is dangerously thin and the very same people that bash persons that point this out will be bashing the board when the season starts and we pick up a few injuries here and there. It will be Bojan is no good, Sell Dos Santos, Pedro is a waste of time, why do we look so ordinary with no xavi.

barca4life said...

And btw your comment was Inter did not buy a midfielder yet, not inter did not buy a playmaker. So saying mourinho says they need a playmaker means nothing. Inter have signed a midfielder and his name is thiago motta. Case Closed.

barca4life said...

There seems to be an arrogance that is creeping into some people as well.

"We have the best squad and nobody is better"

"You cannot improve on a treble winning squad"

We are about to enter one of the biggest seasons in the history of barca with one of the most gruelling schedules and people think that we "cant improve on our squad". We have gotten a smaller squad rather than a bigger one.

Last season was a miracle xavi messi etoo were all injury free. Hoping for another miracle in an even long season is foolish and we will pay for our arrogance if we dont strengthen. Remember Madrid have no players heading to the african cup of nations and they also dont have a mid season trip to abu dhabi. So while we are flying across the globe and losng key players for 1.5 months madrid are just sitting at their training ground waiting for their next league game. I say again, if we dont strengthen there will be tears at the end of this season.

Max said...

Get Snijder he would be a fantastic sighning bur he has stated he wants to tough it out at madrid according to his agent whereas the likes of VDV, for his wife, wishes to move.
Snap him up though if we can.
Imagine Snijder Ibra Messi front

Anonymous said...

We are not going to win the la liga with our current squad, this trasfer window has reminded me of how incompetent Txisi really is

SJP said...

@anon above, i bet you said the same this time last year?

@b4l i can understand your point, but you also have to take into account the fact that we have been trying to get players but signing a player that is good enough to provide back up and not disrupt squad is inredibly dificult,epscecially when money is no object to your main rival. look at this transfer window - madrid pay 80 mil for ONE player, man city offer a player a BLANK cheque. these things are unheard of in football. maybe txiki is not use to dealing with this type of situation but to remedy that he would have to start facilitating crazy madrid type deals (if ibra wasn't one already), i'd prefer to waitand get a good player for a reasonable price than rush in with buckets of money. all transfer are a risk, hleb was doing well before his injury, caceres needed confidence and henrique has only played two friendly matches. were they mistakes, probably but not disasters. dani alves, keita, henry, pique, abidal, yaya these were good signings. hopefully we wont rue not being quicker and hopefully we wont get injures, we have to see.

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