Friday 14 August 2009

Barcelona to play friendly against local club

Spanish fourth division club Reus has yesterday issued an official statement announcing that the club will play a friendly game against Barcelona this season.

Reus president Ramon Alabart would have met with Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola on Wednesday - ahead of the club's friendly game against Barcelona Atlètic - and the coach would have confirmed him that Barcelona's first team will face the Catalan club in a friendly game later in the season. The exact date still has to be determined.

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Anonymous said...

why we play with 4th devision team?

Keenanza said...



does anybody know what channel Barca vs Athletic on sunday is(USA)?

Barca>madrid said...

we should use all our scrubs against them so the beating wont make them cry

engelin said...

i think we have a agreemnt with them, some sort of local farmclub deal with Reus. i guess a friendly is in the clause.

Smogen said...

And do you think we will play with Messi and the boys? off course not. Pep will play with people that probably wont play as much, Pedro, Bojan etc. and I was earlier today wondering what would happen if Milito recovers. He will need playing time and this is a perfect chanse for him to get that.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they will air it in the US. I have been searching for it on my satellite provider and have had no luck:( Maybe I dont have the channel or they haven't posted the match so we will just have to stick to live internet streaming
I use

Nite said...

Barcelona are a Feeder club to Reus. They can send players on loan and have 1st option on Reus players. Reus on the otherhand get a friendly in return where, Barcelona do not have to field a full strength squad. Im seeing Barca Athletic playing here.

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