Sunday, 26 July 2009

Friendly 2: Al Ahly - Barcelona 1-4

Jorquera (45 Valdés)

Montoya (45 Dalmau)
Henrique (45 Cáceres)
Muniesa (45 Fontàs)
Abidal (45 Espasandín)

Rueda (45 Jonathan)
Víctor Sánchez (45 Touré)
Keita (45 Gudjohnsen)

Rochina (45 Pedro)
Bojan (45 Messi)
Gai (45 Jeffren)

15 Bojan 0-1
30 El Egezy 1-1
40 Rueda 1-2
55 Jeffren 1-3
66 Pedro 1-4


yellow cards


out of match squad
Edu Oriol

still on holiday
Dani Alves

Friendly 1: Tottenham-Barcelona 1-1


Leo10 said...

Love ya work pep! right on it!! go on the chat!

LeónDragón said...

for me, most impressive player: DALMAU (with his early age and little experiance, he proved to be a promise for the future, as he managed today, to push montoya in his shadow)

Keenan said...

Great showing.

Jonathan Dos Santos was fantastic when he came on in the second half... so composed on the ball. Maybe we don't need to buy another midfielder if we have him? Whenever Iniesta or Xavi (GOD FORBID!) get an injury I'm sure he can step in and do the job.

Lets see who else...

Pedrito was fantastic as always
Messi was marked out of the game and got fouled like everytime he got the ball -_-

Rochina looked sharp in the first half.
Didn't see that much from Gai to be honest, but he is still a good proespect

MUNIESA!!! This guy is the real deal. Commanding show at the back. He IS the new Puyol, the lefty version of course.
Henrique was better than the first game and didn't lose any balls - solid.
Abidal was fantastic. He is truly a rock...

Speaking of rocks.. TOURE YAYA, what a presence in the midfield. great to have this guy till 2013.

Of course Bojan played great. He has great pace and is an amazing finisher. Great nose for the goal.
Rueda scored a fantastic goal to give us the advantage going into halftime, great goal.
overall, fantastic from the boys.

FCBdara said...

the result is good but i think that LB player Espasandín lost too many balls,but the whole squad was great and itś good to see them on the pitch again

Keenan said...

Dalmau was also great! he should have squared it to Guddy on that oppertunity he had but oh well. I forgot Jeffren too. he was good but I've seen better from him. Good for him to get a goal.

I hope Spurs get a narrow win today so we can lift another Cup in Wembley!! :D:D

LeónDragón said...

agree also with the other comments, especially bout espasandin, who was nothing and also can't be called a youth-talent anymore with his 24 years.
have to say, that i also was satisfied with gudjohnsen today, not only for his brilliant pass, but also for his (more-like-in-most-games) presence.
for me, this was also the first really, really good thing i saw from pedro and agree also bout jonathan and muniesa, as jonathan showed today very good ball-handling.
gai has a very good agility, is fast and blessed with good ball-control, but needs only just some experiance, i think, to find his place at the squad. with his early age too, he seems also like jo to be a promise for the future, as muniesa is not anymore a no-name under the experts.
seems, we'll enjoy high-level-football in the future too, with that kind of young players.

LeónDragón said...

muniesa, for me, reminds me and looks optically a little bit like edmilson

Anonymous said...

Good overall showing by the youngsters . Pedro was solid . Let's hope Guardiola would give him more playing time and some rest for Messi !!

skanjos said...

good game by the lads,the ones that played well from the young ones are montoya/dalmau but the one that stole the lights is jonathan dos santos,he was great today,but dont let some games like those decide if we need transfers or not. i wanted to see thiago too in a game or two ,he is the most excellent prospect we have in the midfield.maybe in the next games we will see him when he returns from the u19 games.

now how can some people praise muniesa today...i dont get it,it was his fault the goal we conceded and he had his ups and downs the whole certainly wasnt a solid appearance ,he was capable of doing the best defence and the worst pass or worse defence.he needs alot of expirience to play for the first team.....

and now the big problem i see is henrique,yes i know it was only 2 games,but damn m8s he is bad,i know with time he will get better but watching caceres play good and be better in every aspect and being a year younger i came to thinking,why are we letting caceres out on loan?sorry but caceres is more solid than henrique right now and thats all that matter,if henrique plays like this the whole season i prefer to have caceres in the squad than it nervousness?is it bad luck? i dont know but seriusly caceres seems to have gained confidence (like little bojan :) )and i dont want to see him out while we keep an expirament that maybe wont work.we invested in caceres and henrique and right now from the preseason games caceres seems the one to keep.lets see what the coach will decide in the end of august after the preseason will end

hawk_barca_4_life said...

ya caceras looked confident he is defnietly at the moment better than henrique to stepin !!!
hope he stays!!!

prathsBarca said...

We have to hold on to Caceras, and I believe henrique is not upto the mark. Henrique should go on loan to a spanish side.

Keenan said...

you guys are the most fickle fans ever

first you say Caceres is horrible for barca, didnt adapt, doesn't kno what to do with the ball.

now, after one good performance in a friendly, you say he is good enough to stay

i've always supported el uru caceres, mainly because one of my bestfriends in uruguayo but i've always supported him and thought he did well when he played last season

LeónDragón said...

for me, i'm still not satisfied by caceres, as today was nothing special against a team like this.
he had some good moments, but it needs more than that and things are different against stronger opponents, as spanish la liga or cl-teams.
caceres holds too often the ball too long and then plays false passes, when opponents already closed spaces and room. a team that plays with more pressure like al-ahly did, except at the start, when they wasn't that bad, they fast show us caceres' weakness.
you also have to see, that caceres is now at his second season at barca, while henrique has just to find his rythm in this team, as i also don't know what to say about him, as maybe both could be no barca-material, as i saw some leverkusen games by him. the good and the bad.
forgive me, but that's my opinion, also believe, that muniesa will overcome both of them

hawk_barca_4_life said...

wowww cool down friend look wht i wrote.... at present caceras is better and that is obvious after all he has been with us for long time

and i never said ne one of them is bad both are good prospects for future but since we need CB who can be trusted so the best one shld continue thats it

henrique needs time he will sure adjust and play better
but caceras was playing good !!!!

Anders said...

Why won't Barca play Celtic?

Anonymous said...

sorry guys but the only 2 young players played well were pedrito and bojan. jeffren was nearly good but the rest was crap today. gai didn't reach anything with the ball. without he was running all the time but that's not enough. dos santos has a good ball control but the rest was bad. Rochina does have good skills but he is simulating to much. he can do more.

maybe they were tired... toure, too.

pedro was fresh and dangerous and he scored a nice goal. bojan showed us today why he was promoted 2 years ago. he is further educated than the current youth players. after todays game I would not promote anyone to the first team, they still have to learn a lot to reach bojan's and busquets' level.

prathsBarca said...

I only meant henrique > caceras but that does not mean he is that good. Becos if we fail to get dmitri cherinski( sorry for the spelling) then we could possibly fall back on caceras or los canteros like muniesa but definitely not henrique at this moment. Since henrique already seems to be more interested in getting better presentation from barca and whining like he is still nervous ( even after a spell at an european club ??) blah blah is better to rely on caceras or canteros like muniesa et al.

nicolas said...

Neither Caseres nor Enrique (whoever stays)are going to get much playing time this year, except mayby in some cup games. We are in the process of signing Dmytro Chyhrynskiy so the CB options will be Puyol, Pique Marguez and Chyhrynskiy. In the case of any problem Toure will drop in the back. Given the players i just mentioned it would be nice to see Caseres move to a club to get some playing time. After all Pep has requested the Shactar defender (age 22) and we might as well as get him what he wants

Anonymous said...

so much money on chygrynsky gonna be fucking too risky.
btw i still can't believe muniesa is only 17!
he is best our defender in this cup games.

Barca>madrid said...

that new dos Santos kid is he Gio's brother i heard he had a younger brother who looked very promising

Anonymous said...

wow talk about fickle.

Caceres has been with us for a year and henrique has been around for about two weeks. Go figure? Henrique was solid today. Nothing special but nothing disastrous either.

I love all the criticism of Muniesa when people are forgetting that he is only 17 years old.

Gai's dribbling is a joy to watch and the way he cuts inside reminds me of Messi when he was 19 (a mirror on the other side of the field of course). He's definitely got the talent but needs more experience and is too lightweight at the moment.

Barca>madrid said...

did some research jonathan dos santos is indeed Gios younger brother

Kranki said...

The game felt like it was 2 different games due to the number of changes. The 1st half team felt a lot weaker than the 2nd half team. I think the big difference was Yaya. He stabilized our midfield significantly.

Here are some of my impressions of the players.

1st Half

Jorquera - Good overall. Bad mistake on the goal. Still like Pinto better
Muniesa - Not as good as the first game. Still young and very promising. Not ready for 1st team yet.
Henrique - Ok. Not really convinced by him. May need more time.
Montoya - Good work. I thought did well.
Abidal - Nice job. There to make the save on a number of occasions

Rueda - Great goal. Did not see him do much else.
VicSan - Worst player in my book. Lost the ball a number of times. Never convinced by him last year. I don't think he is Barca material.
Keita - Tried to control but did not have outlets. Needs to be more aggressive. That is when he does well.

Rochina - Did well. Not as well as last game. May be more of a CF. Maybe a loan would give him more experience.
Bojan - Lots of hard work. Great goal. Should get more minutes this year.
Gai - Not convinced. He can dribble ok, but I did not see anything special. Not ready for 1st team.

Second Half

Valdes - Good control of area. Not really troubled

Dalmau - Great job. Wish he would cross more. But I liked what he did. Maybe a sub or starter for Copa action.
Caceres - There to put out fires. Just like the first game he impressed me with his assurance.
Fontas - Solid. Did not have to do much, but looked comfortable.
Espasandin - Lost the ball a couple of time. Not 1st team material

Toure - Giant. Yaya again did a great job.
Jonathan - Very respectable job. Good control of ball and passing. Would like him to see some minutes with 1st team.
Gudjohnsen - Good job by Guddy. Great pass for Pedro's goal. I will miss him, he has taken a lot of crap from fans, but he is still there contributing

Pedro - I can see great improvement in him from last year. He looks ready for 1st team.
Messi - Playing more of the withdrawn striker role. I am not sure that works without at CF. Did not look quite in shape.
Jeffren - Some good runs. Cleanup goal. I like his speed but I do not see much improvement from last year. Maybe should be loaned to another la liga team

Anyone else have some thoughts?

By the way, I could not think of a worse commentating duo that the Espn Deportes people. Thought Espasandin was Edu Oriol. Could not figure out any of the changes. Called Henrique, Adriano. They really had no idea what was going on.

In the previous game they kept calling Muniesa - Puyol which I thought was funny. Never acknowledged Pedro or Jeffren. It really feels like these guys are watching on a super small tv and do not even get team sheets. I really hope they do not get any more games. Terrible job

Anonymous said...

lol having messi on the pitch simply gives u luck! kick him out of the pitch and u'll see what happend.

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