Friday, 14 August 2009

Mascherano disappointed about failed transfer

Asked about the rumours linking Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (25) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez has confirmed at a press conference that the player is disappointed that the deal didn't went through:

"Javier has a very good friend in the national team and that is Messi. Messi was on to him every day and that is not easy, but Javier knows what we think of him and he will be okay.

I talked with Javier, his agent and Barça. It is normal they see him as such a good player, and an option for them. We told Javier he was so important for us and we wanted to keep him. We were not talking about any price. He was a bit disappointed as it was a fantastic opportunity with a big club. But he is happy here, and as a player and a person you can trust him 100 per cent."

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hawk_barca_4_life said...

lol first ashravin then felipe, villa now masherano

blaugrana1 said...

u forgot to mention cesc fabregas as well. oh and chygrynsky...we just suck at negotiations. we shud learn a bit from our arch enemies

Anonymous said...

we'll get him next summer for less than 30mil

mee said...

my god ! by the start of the season we might only have 13 players !!!!!!!! cmon u freaking barca board!!

Madrid took our chances of signing masch, got benzema before us! damn fuckers !

mike in africa said...

barca is a sexy, flirty woman that gets attention of men... and a player too that moves to the next target before the previous ends.

Anonymous said...

@blaugrana1: Real are way worse in negotiating than Barca.

They do it this way:

R:We want xy.
-Xy is worth 40m euro.
R:Ok, we'll pay that.

inieeeeeeeeeeeeesta said...

saw him playing against russia (friendly) this week

man he is even better than i thaught, what a passes! i really hoped we would 'd landed him

why are there so few rumours than mediocre players for a spot we don't really need
(cicinho grygera eboué for the RB)
Cl is almost starting!!
DC Kompany
DMC Kompany, Montolivio, Moutinho
AMC Jovetic
FL Jovetic, Hulk

Anonymous said...

How should we learn anything from madrid? By overpaying?

That has nothing to do with negotiations.

Anonymous said...

Better to overpay for Kaka than to overpay for Hleb, Caceres or some other crap player.

Anonymous said...

How is this even a news for us!? Some one better come up with an interesting analysis so that the blog becomes active again on matters relating to Barca ;)

blaugrana1 said...

ya like the money is coming out of your ownn pockets,,cheap bastrds!

frett said...

I think it's very interesting news, since it's confirms there have been actual talks with Liverpool. Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

better to over apy than to rely on 3 division youth players. This is where i envy Madrid fans atleast something is happening which also attracks fans
PS we are not favorites to win the la liga and CL anymore

Anonymous said...

Why dont we try to sign Kalou from Chelsea

HH said...

I don't know why you guys are disappointed about Barcas negotiations. I think they have done what they could. They went after players that were so important to their respective teams and they didn't have a arabic sheik behind and the guideline was absolute not throw money out blindfolded. Stop these pathetic whining over the transfer window and enjoy the current squad in stead. After my opinion... still the best in the world :-)


IBES said...

Maybe it's time for the fake fans to jump off the bandwagon. They think money should be wasted left and right. Maybe they were not fans back during the Gaspart era or are blinded by success to see how careful spending works.

Barcelona does not bend over to pay clubs, that's Madrid's specialty.

Fenderek said...

IBES- good words!
Barca won treble- suddenly so many supporters. But hey, they didn't spend as much money as Real! WTF? They are crap!

We do need some reinforcments, agreed. But all this Fabregas, Mascherano and so on whinning is really pissing me off. Barca didn't want to overpay for those players. That's Real speciality indeed.

For fuck's sake- is having a LITTLE belive in a team you support, in your coach and players too much too ask? It's not like they were relegated last year. We just won the treble. Reading some comments I sometimes wander whether I dreamt it all... And it's not about being complacent. People keep arguing that we need to spend some ridiculous amount of money because ppl will get injured and so on. Do you really think that 8 out of 11 players will be seriously injured? No team can handle sth like this- not even your beloved Real Madrid... Fucking hell, some ppl here seem to be seriously JEALOUS about them. Why don't you learn how is it being done here? Barca is a DIFFERENT club- and one of those things that sets us apart is not spending the money just to get few cheap cheers from fans and media. We have UNICEF on our shirts, we have players from our youth system in our first 11, we don't buy just anybody for the sake of it. If you can't be praud of those things- maybe Real Madrid will be your cup of tea?

We need 1 or 2 players. But we should never pay 45 milion for Cesc or Mascherano- as they are not worth this price. The players worth 45 milion- we actually have them in our team already.

And yeah- Gaspart era... I guess that just jumped on the bandwagon may not rememebre- but the older ones... come on guys, did it really work? It's rhetorical...

Fenderek said...

And yeah- Gaspart era... I guess those who just jumped on the bandwagon may not rememeber, but to the older fans- come on guys, did it really work? It's rhetorical...

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