Friday, 14 August 2009

Messi still missing Sylvinho

Hello, I'm Maxwell, the new signing, I'm a left back and I come from Inter.

Sir, sir, will you take care of me from now on? I miss Sylvinho...

(click the cartoon to enlarge)


see more cartoons here


thebackseatstrangler said...

that's funny!

hey pep a little off topic but here's an article i found on the nationalization of argentine soccer & television rights and shit. it's called "the hand of gold" good stuff.

Anonymous said...

maybe i should include the url...minor detail

Moltisanti said...

These comics from this Alex guy are dull and not funny at all.

The only good one was when Eto'o was fed up with Guardiola's music. All the others are rubbish.

Engineer said...

I thought this one was pretty great.

Anonymous said...

I think these comics are funny to those people who have a sense of humor!!!!:):):)

Keep posting them!!!!!;););0

skanjos said...

i like those :).

Moltisanti said...

The comics on MD and Sport are funny. Those are at least 10 times better than these.

fcbee said...

Everyone has his/her own taste. What is funny for A is not funny for B, and the other way around.

pep said...

Interesting article, tbss!

But as it's not really Barça-related, allow not to have it up... :)

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